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Exclude or ability to filter out 'Implemented' ideas from top ideas board

When looking through the top ideas board, it would be nice to either have the 'implemeted' ideas already removed from the top ideas table or the ability for the end user to exclude them.


It seems as though it's already possible to filter to one specific category, but if I want to look at all ideas that aren't already implemented, it's a bit more long winded as there are lots of categories:




Please correct me if I'm missing something


Hi Joe,


Looks similar to this idea. Maybe vote and expand on this idea here by commenting there. Comments have been requested here:


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks @Gopinaath - I've liked that idea too and Alteryx can close this one too.


No worries. PS miss you all at London Alteryx UG. Keep in touch @joe_lipski