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I bookmarked a Discussion posting but the only way I could see how to find it afterward was to go into my settings or my subscriptions. It would make sense for bookmarks to be a separate section on the main community page, along with Discussion, Ideas, KnowledgeBase, Blogs, etc.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @tom_montpool, great suggestion!


If we had bookmarks on the home page, would you rather see them before the recent topics and leaderboards, or below?

I was going to submit this and saw that Tom beat me to it.


As I mentioned at our meeting at Inspire, I am very protective of my screen real estate. Therefore, I would like for the bookmarks to be close at hand, but also out of the way.


I like the collapsible content as seen below as the container for these bookmarks. And I would also like them near the top of the recent topics, etc. I would use this as a primary navigation tool and would always want it handy.


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Status changed to: Under Review
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Status changed to: Coming Soon

We're working on making this available soon in the simplest form, as a module on the main rail of the homepage, below the recent content.  We'll let you know as soon as this is delivered, thanks for your patience!


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@Hollingsworth  we're keeping real estate, ease of access & navigation top of mind and will make sure to review the implementation again as part of an upcoming initiative around responsive design, stay tuned!  

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Status changed to: Now Available

The bookmark widget is now available on the homepage of the community, below the the latest content modules. Thanks for the idea!