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Additional additional Ideas sections to align with 'participate' sections

I was looking through the ideas sections and noticed @Shifty 's idea here:

This related to solutions on the community, but as he mentions:


PS/ not sure where I should've put this Idea because it doesn't relate to an Alteryx product.  There didn't seem to be a category for Community Ideas as far as I could see.



And i had the same problem with this idea! If i need to raise an idea about the community, or about the Alteryx Website, it would be nice to have a section for this too rather than defaulting to the 'Designer' space, for questions about the community/website/otherwise.


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hey @TheOC, great news!  There is a place for you to post Community Ideas:


Keep up the good work!

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hi @CristonS 

Fantastic! Thanks for this!!