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Add "Suggest Move" Option for Posts

This is probably just the neat-freak inside of me but I've been noticing more an more Community posts that don't really belong where they are. Examples:

  1. Someone poses a question in the wrong Discussion category.
  2. Someone poses a Knowledge Base or Live Training style article as a Discussion.
  3. Someone poses a question in the Ideas area.
  4. Someone poses an idea for something that can already be done with Alteryx (something that should be moved to a Discussion)
  5. Someone poses a discussion only to find out that there is no solution (something that should be moved to Ideas)

To help the moderators out, I think adding a "Suggest Move" option to the Options Menu on a post (pictured below) would be valuable.


Options Menu.PNG


When selecting this option a little window could pop up with a list of the different areas of the Community. The user would then select the one that they feel the post should be moved too. Moderators would then see all the suggested moves on a special screen and perform the move if they agree. Ideally, any hyperlinks to the moved post that exist within other posts on the community would be redirected.


The positive benefits of this would be:

  • Making it easier to find content
  • Refining the scope of Ideas Alteryx needs to consider
  • Reducing the number of unanswered posts for people seeking to help solve others' discussions (there's a lot of Live Training posts that appear in the Unanswered Posts queue)
Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review

@DultonM --  I absolutely love this idea, for all the reasons you mentioned. We've definitely noticed an increase in having to move posts from one forum to another (from a moderation perspective), and would most certainly benefit from getting some help from our members.


Your solution to this problem is very close to the workflow we have in place for our moderators, with one key difference: While moderators have the ability to move a thread, your proposal would simply give members the ability to make a suggestion. An alternative solution to this problem, is to explore granting trusted members of the community with moderator privileges.


The last thing I'll say, is that we're working on providing more guidance on where to post within the community, as well as where to find/search for information on a specific topic. As Community Manager, I view an increase in moderator activity (like moving posts) as a sign that we need to provide better resources on how to use the community.


Thank you for the helpful feedback, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Today, users have the ability to request assistance from our moderators through the "Report Content" feature. Because the current functionality and instructions imply that this feature is to report inappropriate content only,  we have decided to refresh the experience to accommodate a wider range of requests -- including the ability to "Suggest Move."  Stay tuned for an update!

11 - Bolide

Wooohooo! Thanks for the update @LeahK!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Now Available

This was delivered as part of our Version 4.3 Community release on February 14th. Thanks for the great suggestions @DultonM and to @LeahK + @JacquesC for making it reality!


11 - Bolide

Thank you for making this idea a reality! I like how the description field enables users to communicate any type of adjustment that may need to be made to a post. I look forward to using it and keeping the Community organized.