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Understanding Data with Alteryx Auto Insights

Welcome to the Alteryx Auto Insights forum!


Welcome to the Auto Insights forum in the Alteryx Community! Whether you're already a user of the product or just checking things out for the first time, this it the place to learn and ask questions about Auto Insights from other users as well as directly from Alteryx.


If you need a quick refresher  or are just wondering "What is Alteryx Auto Insights?" here's a brief rundown for you. Auto Insights is an automated, cloud-native solution that allows users to make business decisions with a data-first approach. By automating processes for data discovery, root cause analysis, and storytelling through data, Auto Insights allows organizations to increase data literacy across the board and make quick decisions, freeing up data specialists to focus on more strategic work that really moves the needle.


Since Alteryx Auto Insights is new to Alteryx's suite of products, there's probably lots to learn.  Use this space to ask questions about the product itself - where it fits into an organization, specific features and uses, anything you can think of! It's also a great place to share your experiences, use cases, and ideas that you think would make Alteryx Auto Insights even better. We're excited to have you here, so don't be shy!

7 - Meteor

Hi Thank you for the information 


1. Alteryx auto insights are available for all the existing designer and intelligence suite license holders?

2. How and where can we find the auto insights usage document?

11 - Bolide

Is there a deep dive related to alteryx server and auto insights tool? Thanks

5 - Atom

can i get any dataset