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N - Dimensional Join

6 - Meteoroid

Hello!! everyone 

Can someone explain me this error ?? 




14 - Magnetar

@jai_patel_02 this can happen when you are joining without a condition, or on something that isn't unique (I'd imagine the values in your [Name] field aren't), which causes a Cartesian join and basically 'blows up' your data. Unless you have a specific use-case where you know you want a Cartesian join, these are usually performed by mistake and Alteryx's default way of handling these is to error and stop the workflow. You can override this and make Alteryx continue/warn you but still continue by changing the configuration under the 'Cartesian Joins:' dropdown in the Join Multiple tool. If you don't mean to do this then I'd recommend trying to join your data sources on something like a UniqueID if possible.


More info on this issue specifically for Alteryx:

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks!! The output I'm getting is not accurate, do you think it's because of that. ofcouse there's some missing data present. but output I should get is null.