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Workflow run mode/exceptions override

13 - Pulsar

If the default run mode on Hub is set to restricted, can this be overridden at a case by case bases like you can in Server/Gallery? And do workflows that are published to Hub that use Business Insights data continue to require a private data exemption in order to share or is this no longer required due to access to Hub is limited to named licensed users?




Thank you,




Hi Jimmy,


In 20.4, the Run Mode can be set globally for the platform without the ability to grant exceptions for a certain workflow. We are still developing Analytics Hub functionality in many areas and improvements to Run Mode to allow exceptions on a per workflow-version level are a high priority that we are currently working on. We do not currently have a setting on Hub for private data exemption, and I do not know of any plans to include it. To your point, it is more relevant on Server/Public Gallery.


Would love your feedback on workflow exceptions when that feature is released - please feel free to reach out after you've used it or if you want to learn more / provide feedback.