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Unsure on approach, formula tool, or filter?

6 - Meteoroid

Morning folks. I have attached an example excel data sheet. I am wanting to examine the waiters who had at least 15 checks or at least 70 people in total for all of their checks. And then find the highest average total bill. Would this be a simple DAX in the formula tool? 

20 - Arcturus

Hi @Jackmcc26 


Can you provide the expected output.

11 - Bolide

Hi @Jackmcc26,


You can use formula in the filter tool so I would say a filter tool will fit your requirement.


  1. But first you would need to use a Summarise tool to compute the # Checks and Total people for each Waiter.
    • ncrlelia_1-1632382063977.png


  2. Then you can apply the 2 conditions in the filter tool
    • ncrlelia_2-1632382108857.png


As for the 'highest average total bill', you would need to provide more explanation on the formula.


Hope this helps.