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Running workflow with excel binary output file

5 - Atom

Hi I have a workflow that has two parts (adding fields/columns and pivot) that output to one excel file (two tabs). However, I have no issues when I output to an excel file (non-binary) format but when I tried to output the same workflow to a binary format, I get errors and I don't see an output option of "Overwrite Sheet or Range". All I see is "Overwrite File (Remove)" option. If I select this option, only one of tabs are showing in the output file. I tried to change up different output options but It seems that I get errors every time. Examples are errors saying it couldn't create a new tab (with "Create New Sheet" option) or no existing sheet (with "Append to Existing Sheet" option) etc.


Can you please help me understand this issue? Anyone? 



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi @Rdata 

Have you checked to make sure that 1) you have selected a tab and 2) Set the option to Delete data and append?