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Running Excel Macro in Alteryx Designer

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Everyone! I am trying to run a Excel macro which refresh pivots and send emails to few people using Alteryx. I am using below approach to run excel macro.

Macro is running fine for  refreshing data and pivots, when macro code goes to ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True
With .Parent.MailEnvelope

, it is throwing 1004 issue. This line of code is setting up email data to send out emails

When I run this macro manually from excel, it is working just fine. 

It would be really great if someone could help with this.

6 - Meteoroid

If anyone is running Excel Macros using Alteryx which includes sending out emails, please share your process here




I definiteely don't have that much experience with Excel Macros these days, but my best guess is that this is a trust issue. When Excel is open, and the macro being run from within Excel, the Trust for the VBA project is defined, however when it's called programmatically, that trust has not been 'opened' yet. 


That's just my best guess, and if that is the issue, there may be trust center settings that will fix it, otherwise, you may be able to convert the email process to an Alteryx Workflow.