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Removing limitations

7 - Meteor

When moving to a new tool, it should always improve upon the previous tool used in some way. What is the biggest limitation that you expect will be removed by moving to Alteryx Analytics Hub?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey Franz - 


A couple of things immediately come to mind for me. They happen to be at the opposite ends of the spectrum, too: 


User Experience: A brand new user or admin typically invests a fair amount of time in Server before they "really" understand it. The Server team is currently doing a great job simplifying the product, but Alteryx Analytics Hub (AAH) generally is going to make a lot more sense to brand-new users "out of the box". You can publish, execute, and share things in a really easy way 


Automate your automation: Server and Hub are both about scaling and automating your work. Part of that value proposition is automating the Server itself. AAH is actually a giant set of Web Service endpoints with a web portal in front. Anything you can do "manually" in the portal can be automated via calls to the REST endpoints. 


And, of course, there are a lot of nice new features, too --  like a built-in data catalog, the new AMP engine, a "virtual" file system to manage all your stuff, or the ability to run AAH with multiple user authentication mechanisms at the same time (think local authentication + AD)

7 - Meteor

Hi Chris,

I saw your intro (to what was then the Server.Next as a working title) at the 'last' Inspire in London in October and I was really anxious to see it in action in our workplace.. Having been working with the previous server platform we're looking to switch to AAH as soon as we get the green light. When I mentioned the 'limitation' I meant exactly those we currently face in what's a typical large enterprise environment.


One question though...Is AAC based on Java, do we need it to run AAH and/or use the API's ? If so can the OpnJDK be used?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

AAH is built using Node.js and a wee bit of C#. You do not need a Java SDK of any sort installed in order for it to function 🙂