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Looping through files and create tables based on file columns

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I have a requirement where I had to load multiple files to multiple tables in SQL Server and these tables should created on fly based on file data. I can do this for one file where I can have input data tool for connecting a file and output data tool with SQL Server connection and select create table option for creating table based on incoming data. I would like to automate this process for multiple files in a folder. I was able to do this in SSIS using C# code (but it is taking a lot of time) and not able to find a way in Alteryx. 




You will be able to build such process using a concept called Batch Macro. You will essentially build the process for one file, turn it into a batch macro and then use the list of files as an input into this process. The macro will run all the files through the same pipe.


You can find out more how to build one here 

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I went through few examples of Batch Macro and able to achieve what I am looking for. Thank you so much your valuable advise. Much Appreciated!!!