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Gallery Workflow - import multiple files (not supported data type) with directory + blob

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Hi community,


we struggle to import multiple data files (varies between 9 to 15) of not supported data type to a workflow provided on the gallery (we use a lot of interface tools).


What has been done:

Previously we achieved this (for other not supported data files) by using a combination of the directory tool, blob and text-to-columns.



Unfortunately the data files in question do not have a delimeter but a fixed length (variable) to distinguish columns.

Text-to-column can not be used, since the directory tool simply puts the information (lacking structure or a delimeter) in one row.


Current status:

We managed to get the data (of one file) in shape by importing it as a "fixed width text file" and creating a flat file layout for future reference.


Any suggestions how to either import:

Option 1:... the files in one fell swoop (user perspective)

Option 2: ... variing amount of files without requiring the user to import the "flat file layout" as well


I am open for other options as well as long as it gets the job done 😄



Best regards