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Can Hub work without the VFS

7 - Meteor


I've been working on a trial of the AAH and am currently struggling to get it to read from and write to our Shared drive files.

We use way too many spreadsheets and I don't see the situation changing any time soon. These spreadsheets need to be in a shared location however, and can't all be set up within the AAH VFS.

Can Hub be set up to read from, and write to, locations on a shared drive, with the necessary UNC paths as were required using Alteryx Server ?





@jcabrough this should work fine.


Hi @jcabrough,

Currently VFS is a main architecture piece of AAH for storage, in order to be able to have flexible permissions system and enable users to work with enriched metadata. Thanks to that data discovery becomes easier, manageable and supported by global Search. Hence we do not allow using external filer systems as master. 


What's allowed is changing the default location of AAH VFS:


But @RishiK is right and I would also recommend exploring UNC path functionality within your workflows, pointing to your local shared drives.


On top of that, it is probably worth digging deeper into File System Metadata Loader, which could bring additional benefits or managing your data files directly from AAH (  


Hope it helps!