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BRAIN TEASER: Spatial Geography Optimization

6 - Meteoroid

I have a data set that contains a list of 100 cities within the US (Target). I also have a list of all the zip codes in the US with they're associated populations (Universe). With that information, I've managed to calculate the total population within 100 miles of all the cities.


However, if I am limited to choosing only 10 cities in my target list, how do I know which 10 cities to pick to maximize population reach? Meaning, is there a way to calculate an optimized model that favors trade areas with the highest populations, trade areas with the least overlap, etc.?


5 - Atom

for n iterations:

    Sum city populations from zip code dataset

    Rank cities based on zip code dataset

    Select the top populated city

    Remove it's zip codes from the zip code dataset