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Analytic App Parse Error: Unmatched Quote

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I currently have an analytic app that requires the end user to select one or many values from a list box. Those values are passed through an action box where it replaces a certain string in a filter parameter with the quoted list from the list box selection; [Industry_Selection] IN ("list"). This process works just fine in designer, but fails on Hub. The weirdest part of this all is that multiple selections work when the app is ran from Hub, but a single selection fails with the following error:


Error: Filter (37): Parse Error at char(51): Unmatched Quote


It's clearly something between the action tool and filter, but I am at a loss as to why a single value fails. I'm not sure if the separator is causing some issue with a single value selection, but the error seems to signify an unclosed quotation somehow. Here is my list box setup:




My action tool:






Finally, my filter tool:




Below is what the list box looks like from the user standpoint:




Any input or tips would be appreciated!


Thank you,



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15 - Aurora

I don't have Hub, but do have Gallery, and I'm assuming the structure is similar.  Can you download the app from Hub to your desktop (just to make sure it's the one that's failing with a single selection), and then go to debug mode, select one single value, and then see how it configures the Filter tool?  That might give you a good idea of what's happening.  My guess is that it's something to do with quotes and commas, as you alluded to.

8 - Asteroid

Thank you for the reply! When I run it in Designer, for a single value, it seems to work just fine, that's the odds part. Below is the configured filter from the debug mode. It's bizarre. Once on Hub, that's when I receive the error in the logs.




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15 - Aurora

Yes that makes no sense.  But looking at all your screenshots, I think it might be getting confused because the "replace" check box in the action tool is replacing something in double quotes, but the whole line is already in double quotes.  Something to try anyway: instead of replacing "list", try using 'list' (single quotes) and change your list box to use single quotes.  Whenever writing an app, I always use single quotes just in case Alteryx gets confused with how the action tool does its thing.