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AAH - Input Tool with Wildcard <UNC>\*.xlsx Invalid Dependency

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I have an Input Tool with a 'AE*.xlsx' wildcard reference to process all Excel files with a certain prefix in a UNC location. The same workflow also has an Input Tool referencing a single Excel file. When I save to AAH, the dependency for the single file is setup correctly, however the dependency for the Input with the wildcard initially shows as invalid. When I try to edit to the UNC folder location and Validate, I get the following message. The workflow errs when I run it with this configuration.


Is there a way to configure the workflow to run on AAH with wildcard references?







Hi @KOBoyle ,


Unfortunately, this functionality is not yet available in Analytics Hub, but it is something we are actively looking into and working to support. 


In the meantime, you may be able to modify your workflow to achieve the same result. I was able to use a Directory (specify UNC path and wildcard query) and Dynamic Input (Pull files listed from Directory - Field: FullPath, Action: Change Entire File Path) to achieve the same behavior as an Input Data tool with a Wildcard. These tools will not appear in the Dependencies section of Analytics Hub and cannot be modified, but they can run successfully provided the Run As account has access to the network/UNC location specified.


Please look for Hub to support use of wildcards in the Input and Output tools in an upcoming release. Until then, I hope the above workaround accomplishes your use case.




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The workaround is a viable option. The only drawback is that we need to persist a template file for the Dynamic Input tool in source folder that normally has a changing set of files over time, so it might get moved inadvertently. I think we can make it work though.