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FAQ: AAH Connections, Credentials, and Data Sources (initial release)

FAQ: AAH Connections, Credentials, and Data Sources (initial release) 


How are workflow connections encrypted? 
All connection information for a workflow is put in a hash. If multiple tools access the same data source, they use the same connection hash. It contains both file system and database dependencies. 

Do multiple tools share connection dependencies? 
Yes, the connection hash registers dependencies for workflows that can be shared by numerous tools, and changes to the workflow will update the hash. 

How are connections grouped? 
Primary and secondary connections will group by a database. Additional details are not grouped. 

Is there a warning if an original connection string had more arguments than one created another person after a workflow is shared with them? 
No, the connections are only associated only by the database.

Can the Connection list be filtered? 
Yes, it has filtering on columns for the overall search. 

Could the request connection access notifications be added to AAH?
Eventually, a notification service is planned for this and other Admin tasks.  


How are passwords in Workflows encrypted? 
Workflows in Designer have obfuscated passwords in the XML. (hidden - not encrypted for user or machine). When uploading to AAH, these passwords are removed from the XML and changed to DCM credential. This type of credential is more secure.  

Is there a way to know what tool caused the creation of a new credential?  
Yes, when the obfuscated password changes to a DCM credential, the new entry name in the Credentials tab will include what tool in the workflow had the password. 

Will there be an option to require workflow credentials on run time for auditing purposes?  
It is currently not planned. 

Is a credentials hierarchy similar to Gallery planned? 
Adding a Run As user is planned for shortly after GA of the initial release. 

Data Sources 

Is there a warning when sharing workflow with a user when they do not have access to all the data sources? 
There is no warning; the connections will just not work afterward. 

How is the primary data source set by default? 
When any new data source uploads with a workflow, it becomes the primary by default. 

Is there an option to use ODBC based DSNs on the Server? 
Yes, the data sources work based on an alias name match between workstation and Server. Be sure new DSNs do not clash with existing ones. 

Will there be the ability to hide table metadata from a search for users without access? 
It is not currently planned. 
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