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We’d like to invite you to preview the upcoming release. Starting Oct 12, you have a chance to test out new features and provide feedback. To participate, follow the 5 steps below.

  1. Sign up to participate in the pilot program via this link
  2. Download Admin or Non-Admin Designer (To find out which version, visit here
  3. Install and use your provided Designer Beta license key by Oct 18
  4. Test new features in your workflows and data connections
  5. Review features & provide feedback at between Oct 12-Oct 18

Some exciting New Features include:

  • Enhanced Cryptography in Alteryx Server: Alteryx Server’s updated cryptography protects the integrity and confidentiality of data to avoid third-party data breaches. To support our larger customers concerned about server downtime during their upgrade, a pre-upgrade cryptography migration utility is being released alongside 22.3 which allows for a pre-migration of a large database of workflows and apps. This tool is a separate command line utility that only needs to be run once, at any time before doing an upgrade from any prior GA Server version to Server 2022.3.x or beyond.
  • Multi-Anchor Caching: Users can now cache tools with multiple output anchors. This is a favorite amongst the ACE community as it will improve workflow development speed.
  • Select Tool now has a new search box that will allow users to search across fields available in the Select Tool. This enhancement is a very popular community idea from users and ACEs that will improve workflow development speed and user experience.
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication for Snowflake, Azure Databricks and Exchange Online will allow Alteryx customers access to these databases via their Azure AD accounts which will reduce friction during the log-in experience.
  • With Google BigQuery Bulk Loader, Alteryx introduces a more performant way of uploading data to Google BigQuery. With 22.3 release, Alteryx users can upload data up to 177 times faster than ever before.
  • External Vault Support for Hashicorp & CyberArk Conjur creates an integrated environment for credential management with enterprise-grade security compliance and simplified connection credentials management.
  • AMP Engine Improvements include Proxy Support, Peer Validation Bypass Functionality, and support for an additional 78 tools including Reporting Tools & R Tools.
  • Alteryx Intelligence Suite will offer several new capabilities including the much anticipated PDF to Text Tool for increased accuracy in document processing, Zero-Shot Text Classification, Text Summary, Shift Step in Image Processing, and more!


Thank you.

The Alteryx Pilot Program Team

13 - Pulsar

Hello @Irynaonishchuk . Is it possible to also know which features of 2022.2 FIPS only are in 2022.3 ? Most of users and partners didn't have access to 2022.2 FIPS

Best regards,



Hello @simonaubert_bd. All the new features in 22.2 FIPS are in 22.3. Please, let me know if you have any questions