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Alteryx Community Team

It might be one of the last top contributor blogs of 2021, but it’s my first blog post on the Alteryx Community! I am SO excited to be your new Community Manager and to continue this monthly series where we shoutout the top contributors on the Alteryx Community for the month. Without further ado, here are the top contributors for October 2021!




@atcodedog05 – 135 Solutions - Re: Lets Vote for Our Alteryx community

@Christina_H – 26 Solutions - Re: Conditional Values (Formula)

@danilang – 22 Solutions - Re: Flagging if the values within a group occurs exactly the same in another group.




@Jean-Balteryx – 13 Threads

@Harsh14 – 11 Threads

@SH_94 – 9 Threads




@atcodedog05 – 500 replies - Re: Lets Vote for Our Alteryx community  

@DawnDuong – 134 replies - Re: Replicating excel formula in Alteryx

@LiuZhang – 84 replies - Re: statistical analysis




@atcodedog05 – 468 - Re: Lets Vote for Our Alteryx community

@DawnDuong– 107 - Re: Replicating excel formula in Alteryx

@Qiu – 87 - Lets Vote for Our Alteryx community


Top Liked Post:

@Qiu - Lets Vote for Our Alteryx community


Top Liked Solution:
 @messi007Re: Use Outputs of 3 Basic Tables and combine it into one Excel sheet(1 Tab for Each table


The most liked post this month, written by community member @Qiu, about the Alteryx Community’s nomination from CMX for Best User Group Program deserves a massive shoutout. This post and the support in the likes and replies is a testament to how dedicated our members are to the success of this community. Special recognition to our amazing user group members, dedicated user group leaders and Alteryx Community team members @FláviaB and  @StephJ for all of your hard work with the user groups and getting this nomination.


Speaking of User Groups, our most engaged user group in October was Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX!


The most liked idea this month was also submitted this month by @PhilipMannering, and the other top ideas were submitted by @jimfrb, @DataPrepChad and @Meluncha. Check them out below and if you agree with any (or all) of them, give it a thumbs up!


Autocompletion and Syntax Highlighting in ALL Tools with Expression Editor

Alteryx Server Job Scheduling

Add ability to disable all schedules temporarily on server.

Search Box for Field Names in Summary Tool


And with that, my first top contributors blog for the Alteryx Community has come to an end! Pulling together the stats for this blog made me even more excited to be joining the community team here at Alteryx because I was able to see firsthand how awesome this community and its members really are. See you here again next month for the next installment of top contributors!