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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

The June 2022 Top Contributors blog marks halfway through the year! June was a fantastic month for the Alteryx Community, and our Top Contributors were leading the way.




@IraWatt – 100 Solutions

@DataNath – 79 Solutions

@binuacs  – 39 Solutions


Congrats to our problem solvers on their streak of making it to the second month in a row with the same top 3!




@neromerob  – 24 threads started

@wonka1234  – 22 threads started

@IraWatt – 17 threads started


Congrats to @wonka1234 on making it into the conversation starters this month!




@IraWatt – 526 replies

@DataNath – 327 replies

@binuacs – 168 replies


@IraWatt was on a roll with 526 replies this month. That’s the most we’ve seen from an individual community member since February!




@IraWatt – 432 likes

@Qiu  – 207 likes

@DataNath  – 201 likes


Congrats to @Qiu  for making it back into the top 3 for likes this month! Also, it’s the second month in a row that @IraWatt  made it into all four categories, congrats!