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January's top contributors were truly bun-believable. Let's meet these community roll-models.


Ever wondered what sandwich you remind other people of? Wonder no more with this months top contributor showcase, where our top Community members were linked to what kind of sandwich they most represent.


Problem solvers – Most solutions


Dependable and always there when you need it, the ham and cheese sandwich is a staple of sandwich culture. Laying down a solid foundation to be built on, our problem solvers in January made sure to leave their impact by giving people exactly what they ask for. Ham and cheese sandwich solves all your hunger(data) related problems in a fast and simple way. 




Source: Pixabay

@ShankerV – 158 Solutions

@Felipe_Ribeir0 – 102 Solutions

@binuacs – 70 Solutions


Conversation Starter – Threads Started


Okay, hear me out... while some people may not agree that a hot dog is a sandwich, there is definitely a discussion to be had. Our top conversation starters this month know the feeling all too well of asking the questions we’re all thinking. Curious and hungry for answers, the hot dog dares to go where no other sandwich can venture.


hot-dog-g4e1526307_1920.jpgSource: Pixabay



@wonka1234 – 31 threads

@SH_94 – 13 threads

@allwynbazil – 11 threads



Prolific Posters – Most Replies


The epitome of comfort food, the grilled cheese can best be described as Ol’ Reliable, the way it’s always there for you. Like our prolific posters in the month of January, the grilled cheese is consistent and always a friendly face when you see them.



 Source: Pixabay 


@ShankerV – 530 replies

@Felipe_Ribeir0  – 279 replies

@binuacs – 257 replies


Peer reviewed – Most likes received


Considered the fan favorite among sandwich enthusiasts, the humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich is loved by all and always palatable. This sandwich is a perfect representation of our users with the most liked content this month.



  Source: Pixabay 



@Felipe_Ribeir0 – 211 likes

@binuacs – 171 likes

@ShankerV – 148 likes


A big thanks to our top contributors for all the ways you keep our community thriving & help your fellow Alteryx users!

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

You definitely made my mouth water with that 😋


Congratulations to all the Top Contributors 😁 🎉🎉🎉

11 - Bolide

Congratulations to all the Top Contributors! You are inspiring!