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One thing that the past two years have taught us is that nothing can replace the power of people coming together. We’ve seen that even virtually, a group of people united by a common mission can create mind-blowing solutions. 


I see that same drive in those who use Alteryx and share the same passion for unlocking insights that change their businesses, change lives — even change the world we live in. They’re undaunted by big challenges, and in fact look for opportunities to participate in their colleagues’ challenges too, which is what makes them exponentially valuable as stewards of change.  


These are exactly the solution-seekers the world needs more of, now more than ever.  These are Maveryx: The movers and shakers at the forefront of the Analytics for All movement, bringing others along for the ride.   


Maveryx are the change-makers who motivate us with their vision, inspire us with their optimism, and then lock arms to find the solution. Maveryx are the analysts and data-whisperers who can draw out the insights that help your organization identify new markets, cut costs, drive efficiencies, develop new career paths. They are imaginative, inquisitive, and determined.   


Maveryx Community: A space to thrive 


Our mission is to bring Maveryx together in a new way, under a shared identity: one they can own, celebrate and champion their companies, their families, and their communities. Our newly renamed Maveryx Community is the destination for over 400,000 Alteryx users to launch and grow their analytics careers, together. This is their jam: To be part of this unique group that has no conditions for admission, except to contribute to the success of their fellow members.  


As pioneers of the analytics movement, their ability to connect and learn from each other, and scale their impact to the far reaches of your organization, is astonishing.  


While I’m lucky enough to surround myself with Maveryx every day at Alteryx, they are the quiet heroes of your organizations, too—who may be heads down right now powering through a data challenge you presented them with or, more likely, one they initiated for themselves because they saw a better, faster way.  


We see the Maveryx mindset come to life in our customers, partners and employees every day. We see people like David Hardister, VP and Strategic Initiatives manager at Bank of America, who has created an award-winning community engagement program to expand access to analytics.  


And then there’s Katie Homa, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Noah McDonald, Sustainability Analyst, who teamed up at HelloFresh to innovate for the greater good of humanity and the planet using analytics. Both Katie and Noah are champions for upskilling and continue to demonstrate the power of doing well by doing good.  


The Alteryx Maveryx community brings together all those who share a similar mindset of exploring the unknown and not settling for the status quo. Our Maveryx have the support of world-class resources so they can focus on the discoveries that will propel their organizations confidently, and successfully, into the future. Those resources include:  

  • Mission Control: The nerve center of the Maveryx mission, where customers can access documentation, manage their licenses, and get the support they need.   
  • Maveryx Academy: To fuel the lifelong learner that lives inside every Maveryx, with expert training  that keeps Alteryx users’ skills sharp and the ideas flowing.
  • Maveryx Community: This is where sparks fly as over 400,000 Maveryx community members encourage each other to learn, engage, and solve.  


We encourage you to learn more about Alteryx Maveryx, and, if you haven't already, to join this community of change-makers. Because these are the people who are making the future brighter for all of us—and we think you’re going to want to be part of it.


In the comments, let us know the ways you identify with the Maveryx mission and persona.


If you weren't at Inspire and want to join in, Maveryx style, visit the Alteryx Swag Store.

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Keith, It was such an honor launching the Alteryx Maveryx Community with you on the big stage.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The pleasure was ours, thank you!!