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The Alteryx Marketplace Ultimate Add-On Competition is here, and it's your chance to be part of something extraordinary. With Inspire 2024 on its way, the Maveryx community has the opportunity to shape the future of their data workflows by voting for the next wave of game-changing Designer Desktop Add-Ons provided by our Partners. Community Polling will be active from March 19th to 25th, 2024.


Here’s a breakdown of the contenders:

  • UiPath Connector submitted by Capitalize AnalyticsUnlock seamless integration between Alteryx and UiPath with RPAConnect! Effortlessly manage jobs, monitor queues, and check statuses—all in one intuitive interface. With interactive login for secure access and enhanced workflow efficiency, streamline your UIiPath integration today.
  • Excel Hoover submitted by Continuum: Tired of juggling multiple Excel files? Excel Hoover simplifies the process by consolidating data from different files into a single stream. Whether you're dealing with diverse schemas or simply need to access the most recent data, this add-on has you covered.
  • HTML to Text submitted by The Information Lab: Transcend the complexities of HTML with this transformative add-on. By converting HTML code into easily readable text, users can extract meaningful content while discarding non-essential elements, streamlining text analysis like never before.
  • AWS Tools submitted by Aimpoint Digital: Embrace the power of the cloud with AWS Tools, which are designed to seamlessly integrate Alteryx with Amazon Web Services. Whether you're listing objects in an S3 bucket or performing complex data transfers, this add-on unlocks new possibilities for cloud-based data analytics.
  • CSRD - ESG Reporting Solution submitted by NextWave Infinium: ESG reporting is made easy with this comprehensive solution. Ideal for corporations and financial institutions, it streamlines the sourcing, integration, and normalization of ESG data from diverse sources, empowering informed decision-making.


Now’s the time! Dive in, explore the contenders, and cast your vote for the add-on that resonates with your data-driven ambitions. Whether you're a finance guru, an Excel aficionado, or a reporting enthusiast, there's something for everyone in this ground-breaking competition.


Stay tuned as the Alteryx Marketplace Ultimate Add-On Competition unfolds, and remember, your vote has the power to transform the way you work with data!