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Rounding out 2019

As the year comes to a close, we want to thank you for yet another fantastic year of learning.  From brand new virtual courses, to platform training at Inspire Sydney, Nashville AND London, to launching interactive lessons in Japanese, the Learning team has been busy - and we’re so glad you’ve been a part of it!


However, the team has one more surprise to share with you – the launch of three new Learning Paths! 



What is a Learning Path?

Our goal in creating a Learning Path is to provide a guided curriculum that helps you understand how to consume our learning resources to reach a goal.  We’ve organized our learning resources into prescriptive pathways that create a curated experience for learning about a topic or growing a skillset.  Learning Paths include a variety of learning resources from the Academy (Interactive Lessons, Videos), Community (Blogs, Knowledge Base articles) and even topic-specific assessments in the forms of practice exercises or quizzes.


Currently, we have three Learning Paths available, with more on the way!  Read more about each available Learning Path below.



Getting Started Learning Path

As we grow our volume of training content, we want to empower you with learning experiences that are purposefully prescribed, hands-on, and relevant to your application.  At Inspire Europe 2019, we announced the launch of our Getting Started Learning Path to guide your learning of the Alteryx Designer.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their feedback during our initial Beta release.  We’re happy to announce that our Getting Started Learning Path has been updated and released!


The Getting Started Learning Path provides a curriculum for our newest Alteryx users to explore the core tools of Alteryx Designer, practice their new skills, and demonstrate their abilities to solve real-world and industry-specific problems.  With over 15 hours of content, 16 hand-on drills, 4 practice workflows and a capstone project, this curriculum solidly sets your foundation for building analytic solutions with Alteryx Designer.



Data Science Learning Path

If you’ve been reading the Data Science blog, you’ll know that Citizen Data Scientists are on the rise. You’ll also know that the term can mean wildly different things to different people. Ultimately, the field of Data Science covers a large number of areas that represent the future of analytics.


With that in mind, we have created a Data Science Learning Path to help you get started. The Learning Path currently focuses on Predictive Modeling and includes interactive lessons covering:

  • an overview of the modeling process
  • some key statistics concepts
  • Data Investigation concepts & strategies
  • a rundown of the most common predictive modeling algorithms in Designer

Whether you’re an aspiring Citizen Data Scientists or you just want to never stop learning, this course will help you get started! And don’t forget to check out the Data Science blog & Tool Mastery series to supplement the Learning Path. Other areas will be added to the Data Science Learning Path in the future, so stay tuned for more Data Science content…



Server Admin Learning Path

We know that administering the Alteryx Server is no easy feat and, for those of you tasked with this responsibility, there’s a lot to grasp.  From configuring the Alteryx Server to making decisions about scaling your Server implementation to administering the Alteryx Gallery, Server Admins play an important role in standing up, maintaining, and managing a Server instance to allow users in an organization unleash their analytic powers at scale.


Our Server Admin Learning Path sets the foundation for the information a Server Admin should know.  Comprised of videos, quiz questions and links to helpful blogs written by Alteryx Server Subject Matter Experts, this learning path covers:


  • Components of the Alteryx Server architecture, their functions, and how they interact
  • Configuration settings for the Server environment
  • Tips for administering the Alteryx Gallery
  • Considerations for scaling out a Server implementation


As much as we’ve had a blast learning with you all in 2019, we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!


- The Academy Team