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14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar
Thanksgiving is just behind us in the States. The air is crisp and bright, so it must be time for the Advent of Code to begin!!
Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of programming challenges. Unlike our Community's Weekly Challenges, of which I'm a huge fan, these challenges aren't uniquely situated for Alteryx. Rather, you're encouraged to solve in the programming language of your choice. Since Alteryx is in many ways like a programming language, it's a natural choice for solving.
But we're not going to run amok with custom code, Python and R libraries. Rather, we will stick to the tools that everyone has when they purchase Alteryx. ACEs coined the term "BaseA" at Inspire 2019 in London, which has some basic rules:
  • No RunCommand tool
  • No Python tool
  • No R tool
  • No SDK based Custom Tools (macros are fine)
  • No Formula SDK extensions
  • Download tool allowed for downloading (no posting to APIs to get answers from!)


image (8) (1).png


Thanks to @samanthaj_hughes for the logo!


Join us as we attempt to boldly solve where Alteryx has never taken us before. Share our twists and turns as we solve, and solve along with us! We would love to have you on the journey. Please follow along in the Community Lounge and on Twitter #AlteryxOfCode.

To infinity and beyond!!
Author: @EstherB47, Alteryx ACE
Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Thanks @EstherB47 Just now (only two months late .....) checking this out. I am sooo ready for next year 🙂


I do feel like "BaseA" should be like a braintrust group of badasseryness (how is that not a word already??) that takes seriously challenges in AI and other areas and "BaseA's" them into Alteryx. Like one would be to build recommendation engines for example....


Thinking out loud 😉