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This week Luke and I launched a special World Cup edition of the Alteryx Football Phone-in. We talk with football fans on topics across the sport’s current affairs and hope to put listeners' minds at ease using data. 


This was a really fun way for us to showcase how quick and easy Alteryx is to use in any scenario! 



Show Highlights 


Caller 1 – Joe & his mate Welsh Dave 


Joe’s friend “Welsh Dave” had been trying to convince them all that Wales was better than England, especially on neutral venues. 

  • We confirmed that England’s H2H record is better overall 
  • England has won the only game outside of England and Wales 
  • The only smidgen of hope for Dave here was that in Newport and Cardiff, Wales is slightly better 


No surprise that Welsh Dave’s views were shared at the pub… 


Caller 2 – Rebecca & the Snow People 


Rebecca wanted to prove that Sweden is better than Denmark and would fare better in the tournament. 

  • Denmark’s previous world cup data backs her up, and they were likely to lose to France 
  • Sweden does have a considerably better previous WC performance, with multiple Semi-Final and Final appearances in historic tournaments 
  • Denmark, on the other hand, is much more successful in European tournaments 


The view was questionable from the outset, with Sweden not even at the world cup. But the data was able to support her to some (very limited) extent. 


Caller 3 – James & the Southgate sacking 


Source: GIPHY


The lionhearted James was our final and most passionate caller. He wanted Gareth Southgate fired due to his poor record against top teams. 

  • Unfortunately, he was correct  
  • Southgate’s record, when compared to playing sides ranked in the top 10, was considerably worse than his overall record 
  • The likes of Deschamps (whom James wants to replace him) do have a considerably more favorable record against top teams 


We can all only hope that Gareth proves James wrong over the next couple of weeks! 


Thanks for taking the time to watch the show. Do you agree/disagree with the above? We’d love to hear innovative ways that you’ve used Alteryx or if you’d like to be a part of future radio shows. Add your comments below! 


Will, Luke & the footy phone-in crew