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A few weeks ago, we introduced the Virtual Solution Center a service that allows you to connect with Alteryx solution experts in real-time. Several volunteers across the Customer Success organization stepped up to the plate to offer registered community members the support they need, when they need it. 


We have a team of people standing by, ready to help you solve your newest analytic challenges, offer use cases and suggestionsand help you leverage the power of Alteryx now, when we’re all faced with more complex problems to solve. 

To help you get a sense for what to expect during your 30-minute consultation, we sat down with several of the experts behind the scenes.




Bhumika Patel @bpatel 

Associate Inside Sales Engineer from Irvine


R-VSC-Meet the Experts_Blog_BP.png


Bhumika is a Solutions Engineer here at Alteryx with a background in Business Economics, Human Resources and an MBA in Business Analytics. With extensive experience in business analytics as well as HR, she is very familiar with data science + analytics best practices; everything from predictive analysis all the way to advanced forecasting techniques.


Bhumika would LOVE to help you with the following challenges:


  • How do I take the next step and jump into predictive analytics?
  • How do I know which predictive model is right for me?
  • How do I deploy my models I have created?
  • Do I have the right data to build a model?
  • How do I interpret and read the reports generated by my models?

Let’s try to surprise her!


Gabriel Jimenez @Garabujo7

Sales Engineer from Mexico


L-VSC-Meet the Experts_Blog-GJ.png

Gabriel is a consultative systems engineer with a master's degree in marketing. For over 10 years he's successfully sold analytical solutions to predict customer behavior, and specializes in marketing campaign automation and retail price optimization for business users at global companies such as IBM, SAS Institute, and more. He currently works as a Sales Engineer at Alteryx.


When discussing his experience supporting the VSC over the past few weeks, Gabriel shared that “Customers have loved the fact that they can reach out to a specialist and take the time to understand and collaboratively solve their data related challenges.”


Chris Parker @ChrisPa

Customer Success Manager from Dallas


R-VSC-Meet the Experts_Blog_CP.png

Chris is a customer success manager at Alteryx, where he works closely with a select group of our largest customers to solve their data challenges on a first-hand basis. Prior to joining Alteryx, Chris was an analytics manager (and Alteryx aficionado) at American Airlines Group. He brings a deep background in insurance operations and aviation after spending more than a decade in these industries, and also holds an Alteryx advanced certification.


Chris is used to spending a great deal of time visiting customers. Prior to the work-from-home order, he was often doing full days of office hours on-site. There is no doubt that you'd be a great hands with Chris who believes "Your questions are never too big, nor too small (and there’s no such thing as a stupid question)."


We asked Chris to share his perspective on what users can expect during a VSC session:


"I’m always going to make you feel welcome and comfortable to share your workflow and the problem you’re trying to solve. My job is to put you at ease so we can talk it out and find an answer for you.”


Sein chyi Woo @seinchyiwoo

Sales Engineer from Singapore


L-VSC-Meet the Experts_Blog-SCW.png


Seinchyi has 10 years hands-on experience helping customers solve complex business problems with data and analytics. Battle tested with clients’ data spanning across various industries including Financial Services, Retail, Telco and REITS. She is also Tableau and Alteryx certified, SQL and Python trained. She is all about going the extra mile to help customers build an efficient data-driven organization!


Seinchyi acknowledged that 30 minutes is very limited in time and offered the following advice to future VSC users:

“The more details you can provide when submitting your request, the better I can prepare and the session can be spent more efficiently!”


Rishi Kapoor @RishiK

Team Lead, Sales Engineering from London


R-VSC-Meet the Experts_Blog_RK.png

Rishi currently works in Sales Engineering as a Team Lead in London. He joined the company in 2018, although Alteryx has been on his "Bucket List" for a number of years. He is a highly experienced data management specialist with over 12 years of proven end-to-end life cycle delivery, working on large complex projects predominately in Financial Services, Telecom and Media Industries. 

Rishi is committed to helping customers work through a wide range of challenges. When asking him about what participants can look forward to, he confidently shared that “you can expect a friendly, empathetic and positive experience... we are all human beings after all. I personally set myself up to resolve problems, answer your questions and provide solutions during the allocated time." 


He views the 30 minute consultation, as just one touchpoint in a longer term commitment to ensure all Alteryx users are enabled to take their work and careers to the next level.


Aaron McGrath @a-m 

Sales Engineer from Japan


L-VSC-Meet the Experts_Blog-AM.png


Aaron has worked as a Business Intelligence professional for the past 12 years, covering quite a bit of ground across several business sectors; including Database Development, ETL Integration, BI & Visual Analytics, and Data Architecture. He moved to Japan around 3.5 years ago and worked at Honda Japan and NN Life Insurance as a Data Architect before joining the Alteryx team. His first exposure to Alteryx was several years ago working for a partner organization as a BI Consultant in Australia, where he was able to meet and work with some fantastic individuals (shout-out to @KaneG and @VaishaliV) and ever since has become obsessed with the platform.

Aaron tries his best to understand the user’s needs and apply his knowledge to uncover a common goal. 

Alteryx is such a flexible and powerful platform and I love seeing the varied and interesting use-cases that that brings about.”

You can ask him pretty much whatever is on your mind (even about his one-man-band -- a result of the recent Covid-19 seclusion), but he's especially looking forward to helping you with anything related to data architecture, structures, and modeling.


From Irvine to Tokyo, and everything in between, it's clear you'll be in good hands with any of the enthusiastic Alteryx experts featured above. On behalf of the global Alteryx Community, I want to say "Bravo!" and thank you to all of the volunteers supporting our customers through the Virtual Solution Center!


Visit the Virtual Solutions Center to schedule your 30 minute consultation with our team of Alteryx Solution experts. They can't wait to meet you!


If you've already had a session, we'd love to hear how it went. Share your experience with the Community!


Steph Jansen-Havreng
Community Manager

As Community Manager, Steph is entirely dedicated to connecting passionate users and looks forward to helping grow the Alteryx user base. As an ambassador for French and German communities, she is responsible for implementing strategies, managing day-to-day operations, content management, and executing various engagement programs.


A great initiative for current, new and prospective Alteryx users!

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Awesome initiative, it would be great to get an anonymised update on some of the key challenges the team have been helping customers with?

5 - Atom

Hi Team,

Is there any training session scheduled on any date?

Please confirm.


Thank you,


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@kumar957 - Sorry for the delayed response! Once you receive the link from the bot to the bookings page, you should be able to click on any date that is open and schedule time for whatever slots are available. If you have any questions, let me know.