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Are you an experienced analyst who is excited about machine learning? Step up to the plate and show what you know with the Alteryx Machine Learning Fundamentals Micro-Credential!


This new micro-credential will give you the opportunity to validate your knowledge of machine learning fundamentals. The exam has three major areas of focus: machine learning concepts, data preparation and analysis, and evaluation and interpretation of models. It is free, online, and open book.


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Machine Learning Concepts

You will demonstrate an understanding of key terms, identify when to use machine learning, and assess what machine learning model type to use.


Data Preparation and Analysis

You will explain how to handle missing values in a dataset, describe how to prepare datasets for modeling, and summarize the characteristics and statistical properties of a dataset suitable for machine learning. 


Evaluation and Interpretation of Models

You will demonstrate how to evaluate a machine learning model, then explain machine learning model tuning and interpret an automated machine learning (AutoML) model.  


Ready to show your skills? Review the Alteryx Machine Learning Fundamentals Micro-Credential Exam Prep Guide and then take the exam.


Need help with machine learning tasks? You can use the interactive lessons in the Academy section of the Community to prepare.


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If you have any questions about micro-credentials, please contact the Alteryx Certification Team at