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The Story


Exposure truly is more important than knowledge, and I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. I mean, what good is it to have all of the knowledge but never get an opportunity to showcase it? My name is Eric Pyatt, and I work in Global Integrated Supply Chain for Trane Technologies. My current role focuses on Supply Chain Modeling, Network Optimization, and Advanced Analytics. My journey has been one of hard work, dedication, and the support of some incredible people along the way.


A former manager of mine introduced me to Microsoft Access back in 2009 and encouraged me to remain steadfast. He knew that there was only a small portion of the population that would have the skill set to work with data and analytics and how much more valuable I would become if I honed these skills. He realized at the time that his job was merely to plant the seed and see what became of it. His foresight changed my future and the lives of many others around me.


I was working on 2nd shift in a Distribution Center at the time, picking, packing, and shipping boxes all over the country. Despite my hard work, I felt stuck and unsure of my future. That manager allowed me to spend the last two hours of my shift in a tiny office learning how to build relational databases in Access. He noticed me, and he opened a door for me. His encouragement and support helped me realize my potential, and I will always be grateful. As an African American, I can say that these opportunities are not always afforded to us. I was introduced to a space where there were very few others that looked like me, yet I was embraced by the community. 


Since then, I have always been passionate about data analysis and finding solutions to complex problems. However, before Alteryx, I found myself struggling to analyze and interpret large data sets efficiently. That all changed when I was introduced to the Alteryx platform.




Alteryx has been a game-changer for me. It has allowed me to efficiently analyze and interpret data in a way that was not possible before. I can now quickly and easily transform raw data into meaningful insights, and I have been able to solve complex problems in record time. This has not only made my job easier, but it has also opened up new pathways for me to explore the field of data analysis.


In fact, my passion for data analysis has only grown since I started using Alteryx. I have found myself constantly looking for new ways to use the platform to solve problems and gain insights. It has truly been a transformative experience. My expertise in this space has given me confidence and stripped me of my introversion. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others who are like-minded. I currently serve as one of the leaders for the Charlotte AUG. I have attended several Inspire conferences and have met some amazing people in the process.    


The Impact


But it's not just about my personal growth. Technology is ever-evolving, and it is true what they say about the “Red Queens Race” in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. We must constantly position ourselves and others to evolve and grow. As such, I am working with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) in Charlotte, NC, to introduce a program to local high schools that will provide students with access and exposure to platforms like the Alteryx SparkED program, Queen City Robotics FRC and more. I believe that these tools and skills are essential for the next generation of problem solvers and innovators. By providing young people with the tools, they need to analyze and interpret data, we can help them make better decisions and contribute to a more data-driven future.




Overall, the Alteryx platform has truly changed my life, opening up new pathways for me to solve problems using data and inspiring me to share my knowledge and expertise with others. I am excited to see where this passion takes me next, and I am committed to sending the elevator back down by helping others access the same opportunities that have transformed my life.




         Overall, the Alteryx platform has truly changed my life, opening up new pathways for me to solve problems using data and inspiring me to share my knowledge and expertise with others.   



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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

So inspiring!!! @ELPyatt123, thanks again for sharing your journey! 😃


such an inspiring story @ELPyatt123 - congrats on your hard work paying off and glad to have you in this amazing community!

7 - Meteor

Thank you @CailinS 

I am so glad that you took the time to read my story. Even though I missed Inspire this year, I was still able to feel the embrace of this amazing community. 

This community has been very inspiring to say the least. Take care!