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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

In just the past few months, the Alteryx Community celebrated its fifth anniversary. But it’s already time for another celebration! On Monday, the Community received a top industry honor, the 2021 Community of the Year award, from CMX, the industry organization for community professionals.

CIA 21 Winner - TW (1).png


As CMX describes it, “This award is given to a community that has shown resilience, growth, and incredible success over the course of 2020.”


To be sure, there’s a fantastic team of people here at Alteryx who craft this digital home and who maintain a friendly, fun environment for the Community. But in reality, the magic that happens in the Community is created by its members. 


In the last year, the Alteryx Community grew dramatically, with membership increasing by over 80,000 and posts/engagement increasing by over 115,000. Members of the Community offer constant, invaluable support to address and resolve Alteryx user challenges. We receive many compliments on the responsiveness of our Community and the quality of its interactions. 


We love the praise, of course, but the compliments really should go to all of you, our amazing Community members, who generously share expertise, take on challenges together, and generate positive vibes. Without our distinctively wonderful Community members, this would be just another website, and we wouldn’t win any awards!


You might also have noticed that one of the criteria for the Community of the Year award was “resilience.” That quality was especially relevant in 2020, as we all know. Our Community showed up, held on, and excelled together. 


First, we launched the Virtual Solution Center (VSC) in late March, offering support for the new and different challenges faced by Alteryx users as the pandemic began. We’ve provided over 3,000 free VSC consulting sessions here since then. 


Second, we created the ADAPT (Advancing Data and Analytics Potential Together) program, offering free software licenses, training, and in-demand certifications via the Alteryx Community to people who found themselves out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, we've upskilled over 12,000 people across more than 140 countries. We saw so much encouragement for and camaraderie with our ADAPT participants in the Community. 


And really, that’s what a community, and this Community, is all about — the people who come together to empower each other, in good and challenging times alike. 


We’re lucky that you’re here. Congratulations on your award.

Our Community is built on the support our members show each other. We owe its success to all of you! @mention someone in the comments here who has helped you in the Community.

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14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Awesome. This is the best community always 

8 - Asteroid

Congratulations Alteryx Community Team!  A well deserved win for stewarding this fantastic community!  I may be biased (being part of this large community), but I definitely believe it is the best one out there!

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Congratulations Alteryx Community Teams.

It is the one shop for all the solution we are hunting for to achieve our workflow to run successfully.

16 - Nebula

Hi @JeffS,


Congratulations 😀

7 - Meteor

That's huge! Congratulations 👏

Congratulations 👏

8 - Asteroid

Kudos !! 👏

Big congrats to all the admins ! 


Totally agree that the community helps learn a lot at the same time being super engaging and fun !!! totally deserving 🏆 🌠🌠

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Many Congratulationsss...!!! No doubt Alteryx Community is great. 😎

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Congratulations Team