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Alteryx Product Evangelist
Alteryx Product Evangelist

I have an incredible talent for forgetting.


If you asked me what happened last year or four years ago, or even 10 years ago. I couldn’t for the most part tell you with any detail where I was, what I was doing, who I was with, without some sort of memory jogging like a picture or someone describing the situation in a good bit of detail. I also know a few friends that are the same way. Our situational memory is fickle.


Most of those friends happen to also be military veterans like myself. It’s a bit uncanny, really.


Now that’s not even the most interesting part. What’s interesting to me is the fact that even if I struggle to remember what dates and the place tied to that date exactly, numerous veterans, as well as myself, could, on a moment’s notice, describe in the greatest of detail every journey they took while serving in the military. I find that just remarkable. 


We have hundreds if not thousands of experiences every year; some of us travel to other countries, have little ones at home, an engaging social life, or even have a demanding career – all of which produce memories. Good and Bad. Many end up by the wayside.


Yet, if you get a bunch of vets around a table, especially with drinks involved and you’d be amazed at how within minutes, you’ll get stories being told of every situation that had happened during their time in the military with names, ranks, and all the detail that only someone who was completely engaged would remember so well.


For me, that engagement was why I was proud to serve, that bond that I know if I ever was in a bad spot, I could call any one of my Marines or even a fellow vet, and they would be there without question. It’s not hyperbole—it’s a fact.




I hope you can spend just 5 minutes today reflecting on the service of so many veterans and how we all benefit from those men and women that chose to step up and accept the mission.


A special shout out to my fellow Alteryx Veterans as part of the Veterans ERG. I am proud of you all and grateful to have you on #TeamAlteryx and Semper Fi!


Now stop lollygagging and give me 10 pushups! Don’t worry….I’ll wait.


17 - Castor

Great read. Thank you for your service!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Thank you and all veterans for your/their service!


Semper Fidelis Team! Thank you for your service brother.