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Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

The Alteryx Designer 2019.3 release dropped today, and many of the new features were your idea...




In the Browse tool configuration window, add 'Sum' to the metadata for numeric fields
Drag and drop folder from Windows Explorer to create Directory Input
Windows Taskbar to show workflow running progress
Convert to Dynamic Input
[Enhancement Request] Convert Input to Dynamic
Which version of macro is in use?
Show completed in overview
Calgary Annotation
User Control Over Workflow Completion Sound
Volume Control in Alteryx
Remove Workflow Completion Sound
"Map Legend Builder" Tooltip contains grammatical mistake 
Double Click in Overview window to zoom to Normal level
Space bar to close workflow finished dialog
Put a border around comment boxes when selected
Tool Containers and Comment Boxes cause Lag
Choose which workflows to save on exit
Convert Browse to Output Data tool
Idea: create "Convert To Macro Output" when clicking Browse tool
Right Click -> Convert Output to Input
Paste Tools on Canvas at Cursor
Paste Into Workflow at Cursor Position
Designer feature suggestion: Duplicate workflow
Copy User Constants
New drag and drop file types
Add a button to reset a tool's annotation text to default
Hyperlink file path after saving with the browse tool
What's Up With Copy/Paste Inside Tool Configurations?
Cached Data
Cache Checkbox - Allow selection of cache with a checkbox embedded
Tool Switch Origin - Remove the 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' extension from tab
Save setting on the Save function on the Browse tool
Add browse tools to multiple selected tools simultaneously



@JPoz implementing ideas at 10x@JPoz implementing ideas at 10x

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Thank you all - there's a lot of great stuff here to explore in the next version!

11 - Bolide

Exciting times!


For those still flying high on the awesome features from this release, check out the latest episode of the Alter Everything Podcast, 53: Always improving: the life cycle of an idea.


@CristonS hosts @JPoz and @Claje, and had a chat about ideas: where they come from, and how they ultimately get implemented.


Happy listening!