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Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

Nearly one hundred of you came up with the correct answer to the final Santalytics 2019 challenge: 1916.


Yes, unfortunately Santa landed smack in the middle of World War I. But, fortunately, he also arrived just after Karl Schwarzschild solved Einstein’s field equations. With these exact solutions in hand, Santa now has all the information he needs to escape the black hole - namely, the radius of the event horizon given the mass of the black hole, as well as the escape velocity (the speed of light). Thanks to your efforts, Santa escaped the black hole and returned to 2019 in time to carry out his delivery duties!


A special thanks are in order to the top ten finishers. @kat@jarrod@RolandSchubert, and @tonyp chose to have their $1,200 share donated to Generation; while @nivi_s@BarnesK@cplewis90@Jean-Balteryx@NicoleJohnson, and @eric_strein chose Bridges to Prosperity for their $1,800 portion of the prize.




To all that participated in December, be on the lookout for your badge. I noticed a couple of you already changed your profile pic to your hard earned trophy🙂




And to those that haven't completed the challenge yet, give it a go! It seems like everyone had a good time. Enjoy this mashup of some of your lovely comments...