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Chief Customer Officer
Chief Customer Officer


AFG.pngEarlier this year we opened the Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards to gather and celebrate great stories and great Alteryx users.


We also wanted to take the opportunity to give back to deserving charities through the Alteryx for Good program. We put forth $100,000 to be donated to our winners’ charities of choice ($100,000 \ 7 Winners = $14,285 each).




Kiran Ramakrishnan’s winning entry in the Most Time Saved category highlighted his journey to automate workflows, analysis, and report creation to trim over 75 hours of processing time each day.


We recently caught up with Kiran on his choice of charity.


Alteryx: What charity did you choose to receive the donation from Alteryx for Good?


Kiran: I chose the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), a multi-campus research center of the University of California, headquartered at UC Berkeley.


“CITRIS brings a unique methodology and collection of resources to its pursuit of innovation citrisandberkeley.pngacross disciplines and subject areas. With our cutting-edge laboratories and renowned faculty experts, CITRIS serves as an incubator for translating new ideas into working prototypes.  


This iterative process has four steps: Learn, Build, Launch, Connect.”


Alteryx: Why did you choose CITRIS?


Kiran: CITRIS researchers are developing leading-edge, applied technology in the fields of nanoscience, robotics, sustainable infrastructures and health. The combination of world-class laboratory facilities with engineers and medical clinicians, through the partnership with the UC Davis Medical Center, means that innovations will have an accelerated path from lab to clinical validation to commercialization, and ultimately, social impact. 


Alteryx: What is CITRIS planning to do with the donation?


Kiran: I would like for them to apply the money towards research for mobile point of care diagnostics for people. Numerous attempts have been made in this area and the scientific solution has not been found. I know there is research going on that will help people like my Diabetic friends and Cancer patients to monitor their blood profiles in real time and in the presence of their own homes and their doctors would also have access to this live data. This would be like a patch that could monitor specific blood panels that are critical for managing their medications and progress for their diabetic problems. I feel this will be the next step in medical care versus the standard blood tests that only measure results at a specific point of time.



Interested in telling your Alteryx success story? Visit the Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards and submit for your chance to win.