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Chief Customer Officer
Chief Customer Officer


Earlier this year we opened the Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards to gather and celebrate great stories and great Alteryx users.


We also wanted to take the opportunity to give back to deserving charities through the Alteryx for Good program. We put forth $100,000 to be donated to our winners’ charities of choice ($100,000 \ 7 Winners = $14,285 each).



BAE Systems’ entry in the Most Unexpected Insight category chronicled their amazing use case for Alteryx in a Human Resources organization.


We recently caught up with BAE Systems on their choice of charity.


Alteryx: What charity did you choose to receive the donation from Alteryx for Good? 


BAE Systems: The National Math + Science Initiative’s (NMSI) mission is to inspire, engage, and empower all students to succeed in today’s knowledge economy by advancing STEM teaching and learning.


NMSI.pngNMSI achieves their mission by focusing on training teachers in grades 3-12 to inspire students to succeed in rigorous math and science courses and by recruiting and preparing more college students to become dedicated math and science teachers. Through this effort and their many programs, they’ve already successfully impacted more than 50,000 teachers in 800 + high schools and more than one million students. 


Alteryx: Why did you choose NMSI?


BAE Systems: There has been growing concern that the U.S. is slipping as an innovation leader due to waning numbers of STEM graduates. From a defense and aerospace perspective, the problem is more alarming because strong engineering talent is essential in order for our military forces to maintain technological superiority. Additionally, a significant proportion of our industry’s engineers are approaching retirement age, while at the same time we see a declining number of U.S. youth pursuing STEM-related careers. That’s not just a problem for our industry; it’s a problem for our country.


Alteryx: What is NMSI planning to do with the donation?


BAE Systems: By giving this award to NMSI we are investing in our children and country’s future and empowering younger generations to succeed in STEM fields.



Interested in telling your Alteryx success story? Visit the Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards and submit for your chance to win.