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Alter Everything

A podcast about data science and analytics culture.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Leah Knowles, Dan Menke, and an exhilarated Deborah Diesel join us on the Road to Inspire.








Episode Transcription

BRIAN: 00:05 

[music] Welcome to Alter Everything, a podcast about data and analytics culture. I'm Brian Oblinger and I'll be your host. Joining us live from the Road to Inspire are Leah Knowles, Dan Menke, and an exhilarated Deborah Diesel. Let's get right into it. [music] 

BRIAN: 00:27 

All right. I'm here with Leah and Dan. So Leah and Dan, why don't you introduce yourselves? 

DAN: 00:32 

I am Dan Menke. I am a community operations specialist at Alteryx. 

LEAH: 00:37 

I'm Leah Knowles, community manager here at Alteryx. 

BRIAN: 00:41 

Awesome. And we're recording live right now from a boat on this special episode about Road to Inspire. In this particular case, we're on a big, blue, watery road. So let's talk a little bit about-- let's give people listening to the show a little bit about, what is Road to Inspire? 

DAN: 01:00 

So the idea behind it was really about how Alteryx makes people feel and to highlight some of our users because we know that we have these fanatic users, and we wanted to highlight some of them to show just really how Alteryx has empowered them, how it sort of gave them their life back, and just the power of Alteryx and to share with everybody. 

BRIAN: 01:33 

Yeah. And I think this is one of those things that we-- this is what's cool, right? We come up with really interesting ideas, and a few months later, we're putting them together, and we're out here on a boat headed to an island which, stay tuned. You'll get a little bit more info about that later in the show. So Leah, let's talk a little bit about, where have you been so far, and who have you Road-to-Inspired with? 

LEAH: 01:55 

Well, we have been down to Orlando, Florida, and we spent some time with one of our ACEs and user group leaders. I'm not going to tell you who it is because you have to watch the first episode to find out. But yeah. It was a fantastic experience. We got the opportunity to spend an entire day with a user and his family who went blueberry picking, and then we went out and had some fun at a special little amusement park. 

BRIAN: 02:41 

Wow. That's really cool. And where else have we been so far? 

LEAH: 02:46 

So we also went to Minnesota, and that was a extra special trip-- 

BRIAN: 02:51 

Your home town. 

LEAH: 02:51 

My home town, yeah. 

DAN: 02:52 

Yes. I got to meet Leah's parents, which was-- 

BRIAN: 02:55 

And how are Leah's parents? Let's dissect that on the show live here. 

DAN: 02:56 

They're a delight. They're a delight. They really are. They were very nice people. 

LEAH: 03:00 

A delight. What a nice way to put it, Dan. 

BRIAN: 03:03 

It's very Midwestern, nice. 

LEAH: 03:05 

Oh, yeah. 

BRIAN: 03:06 

Oh, yeah [laughter]? All right. So what did we do in Minnesota? Tell me a little bit about-- tell me what happened in Minnesota. 

LEAH: 03:15 

Oh, yeah. Minnesota was great. So to be serious, I got a-- I can't stop talking in my Minnesota accent here. 

BRIAN: 03:25 

We got you in it. You can't get out of it. 

LEAH: 03:27 

So we spent some time with another winner and her daughter. We went to the infamous Mall of America. 

DAN: 03:38 

We also had a special guest that we will not reveal at this time either that came along. 

LEAH: 03:42 

Oh, yes. 

BRIAN: 03:43 


LEAH: 03:43 

We did. A supersecret guest. 

BRIAN: 03:46 

Okay. Cool. And what are we doing today? What's happening today? We tease people we're on a boat. We're going to an island. What's the haps? 

LEAH: 03:53 

Well, yeah, we're on a boat, a boat. 

BRIAN: 03:57 

A boat. 

LEAH: 03:58 

And I'm a little seasick at the moment. 

BRIAN: 04:02 

Yeah. For everybody listening to the show, I got a great shot of Leah just before I hit record of her. You'll have to check it out because I'm not sure she's going to make it through the recording. 

LEAH: 04:12 

Ooh. Yeah, yeah. I'm struggling. 

DAN: 04:14 

You're a trouper, Leah. 

BRIAN: 04:15 

So what about you, Dan? What are we doing today? What are you excited for today? 

DAN: 04:20 

I'm excited to meet our user. This is a very special user. They have a really cool story, so I'm excited to talk to them about that. And I would have to say, out of all the episodes, this may be one of the more dramatic-- 

BRIAN: 04:36 

It is going to be a little dramatic. 

DAN: 04:38 

Yes. Type activities. But all the activities have been really fun and pretty crazy so far, so. 

BRIAN: 04:45 

Okay. Okay. All right. Well, where can people go to get more Road to Inspire? Where should they go to find out more about this? 

LEAH: 04:53 

So if you go to roadtoinspire.alteryx.com, that was where we first introduced the contest. And it's really fun because you can see all the entries we received. So beyond the people that we're actually visiting as a part of the episode series, so many fantastic members have submitted great video and photos, and it's just a really fun way to see what our customers do outside of work. 

BRIAN: 05:33 

Awesome. Yeah. And I think there's going to be a-- there's going to be some Road to Inspire stuff at Inspire as well. So [I?]-- 

DAN: 05:40 

Yeah. And it's just been great with all the contest winners and really everybody that entered. We were really happy and surprised and grateful that everybody took the time to do that, and it just really shows the impact that Alteryx has on everybody. 

BRIAN: 05:58 

All right. Well, Leah, Dan, thanks so much for doing this. And we're going to go-- we're going to go get off this boat and do some fun stuff, and we will back shortly with another special guest to talk about Road to Inspire. Thanks, guys. 

DAN: 06:11 


LEAH: 06:12 

Thanks, Brian. 

BRIAN: 06:16 

[music] All right. So we're live here with Deborah Diesel after our Road to Inspire event out here on Catalina Island. So Deborah, do me a quick favor and just kind of introduce yourself and let people know who you are. 

DEBORAH: 06:27 

Sure. My name is Deborah Diesel, and I'm a business data analyst, and I have been using Alteryx since late 2016. 

BRIAN: 06:34 

Great. And what did you submit in the Road to Inspire contest to get here? 

DEBORAH: 06:39 

So I submitted some footage of skydiving that I went on, jumping out of a plane. 

BRIAN: 06:46 

Jumping out of a plane? 

DEBORAH: 06:46 


BRIAN: 06:47 

And how was that for you? 

DEBORAH: 06:48 


BRIAN: 06:49 

Exhilarating. Okay. 

DEBORAH: 06:50 


BRIAN: 06:50 

Great. Well, what about today? So we went zip-lining. So for those playing along at home listening to the podcast, today we went to Catalina Island off the coast of California, and we did a zip-line activity. How was that for you? 

DEBORAH: 07:01 

It was a lot of fun. It was scary stepping off the platform the first time, but after that, it was a lot of fun. 

BRIAN: 07:07 

Very cool. And so which one, if you had to say, what was more scary or more thrilling? Was it the skydiving or the zip-lining? 

DEBORAH: 07:14 

I'm going to have to go with the skydiving. 

BRIAN: 07:16 

The skydiving [laughter]? Yes. [crosstalk]-- 

DEBORAH: 07:17 

But it wasn't the skydiving that was the scary part. It was the plane ride up to skydive that was the scary part. 

BRIAN: 07:20 

Oh. Okay. All right. Well, next time we'll have to figure out a way to put a plane in the middle of the zip line, and we can ramp it up. So we're going to show some of the footage and everything. It's going to be really fun coming up. And for people listening to the show, we'll put the link in the show note to that when it comes out. But we're also doing this for Inspire. So I know you're going to Inspire-- 

DEBORAH: 07:41 


BRIAN: 07:41 

--and I'd love to hear kind of what you're excited about at Inspire this year. 

DEBORAH: 07:45 

Sure. I am so excited to go to Inspire this year. Last year when I went, it was my first conference, and I had no idea what to expect, and I was blown away by the energy everyone had. And all of the talks and lessons that I had, I went from being a beginner user to rapidly after the conference feeling like I was more intermediate. So this year, I'm looking forward to having that next big boost in my knowledge of Alteryx and what I can do with the product. 

BRIAN: 08:11 

Very cool. Well, I'm excited. We've been planning this for months and months, and without spoiling it, I know it's going to be awesome. And so I'm looking forward to it, and we will see you there. 

DEBORAH: 08:20 

Can't wait. 

BRIAN: 08:21 

And for everybody else out there listening, come to Inspire. Come say hi. We're going to be recording live at Inspire. So Deborah, if you want to come by and do some more podcasting, we can do that too. 

DEBORAH: 08:29 

Will do. Thank you so much. 

BRIAN: 08:30 

Thank you. Take care. 

DEBORAH: 08:31 

You too. [music] 

(podcasting on a boat was an interesting experience)