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Alter Everything

A podcast about data science and analytics culture.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We’re joined by the 2022 Inspire Americas Grand Prix winner, Claire McCollough. Claire, who is a Master of Accounting Student from University of Colorado, Boulder is also an Alteryx Ace and shares with us some tips and tricks that she used to secure her spot on the winner’s podium.







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This episode was produced by Maddie Johannsen (@MaddieJ), Mike Cusic (@mikecusic) and Matt Rotundo (@AlteryxMatt). Special thanks to @andyuttley for the theme music track, and @mikecusic for our album artwork.


Love catching up with my friends @MaddieJ and @clmc9601 listening to this podcast. 


I love that you brought up tool golf. 😁 I started doing this too, looking at lots of the faster posts and seeing if the tortoise really does win the race in terms of speed and efficiencies of running the workflow.


Maddie, you just made me melt. I do love that I have found my people thank you for the shout out to our picture on the roof top bar, special moments.


Claire, I love the way you describe your analytical mind. I am sure I am the same, but boy you can articulate it so well.


Wishing you all the best for this summer, don't be a stranger.