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Overwhelmed by the amount of awesome in the Alter Everything Podcast? So are we! 


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Episode number & title Guest names Episode topic Episode description
61: Really groovy data collection: Australian citizen science thrives after the bushfires

Beth Dalgleish
Kylie Piper
Maddie Johannsen

Data collection, citizen science, spatial analytics, Alteryx for Good, Women of Analytics, Australia bushfires

In this episode, host Maddie Johannsen has a chat "down under" with One Tree Planted’s Beth Dalgleish, and Kylie Piper from Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.


Both Australian natives, Kylie and Beth recall their experiences of the 2019-2020 bushfire season, and share how citizen scientists all over the country are working to fill gaps in data collection. They also share why data collection and analysis are the first step to recovery, and explain how their organizations are instilling hope for the interconnected and iconic species that their country holds dear.


60: Analytics automation: keeping humans in the loop

Susan Sivek, 
Doris Lee, 
Maddie Johannsen

Analytics Process Automation (APA), human in the loop systems, Women of Analytics

In this episode, we talk all things automation, and discuss why humans need to stay in the loop. Knowing that data is crucial to the decisions analysts and data scientists make, automating analytics processes allow humans to focus on delivering insights. This combination of automation and human thinking power makes the most of humans’ contributions to the data analytic process.


59: Reporting from Australia: an Alteryx for Good Data Challenge Adventure

Maddie Johannsen,

Ishita Khaitan,
Long Dao 

Caroline Ng,

Sunny T Islam, 

Vaishali Vijay,

Libby Duane Adams,

JJ Phillips

Alteryx for Good, career growth, data quality and data availability

This episode is a celebration of the incredible efforts made by students in Australia, who shared a behind the scenes look at the Alteryx For Good Data Challenge competition, cosponsored by Alteryx Partner RXP.

You'll get to hear from the four student team leaders throughout this episode as they shared which Australia nonprofit organization they supported, and ultimately how they learned Alteryx to turn real world challenges into life-changing, impactful insights.

58: Analyzing happiness: a look into the World Happiness Report Peter Abrahamsen, Matthew Ackman, Maddie Johannsen Social data, exogenous variables, reporting, data collection, data availability In this episode, Alteryx associate Peter Abrahamsen sat down with Matthew Ackman, a researcher under the editors of the UN World Happiness Report. Peter and Matthew chat about the methodologies used to analyze the data behind the World Happiness Report, and which findings in the report came as a surprise to Matthew during his analysis.
57: 17-year-old Avi Schiffmann, on enabling the world to track COVID-19 Maddie Johannsen, Avi Schiffmann Web scraping, website design, data literacy, learning paths, COVID-19 17 year old website creator, Avi Schiffmann sat down with host Maddie Johannsen for a chat about Avi’s viral COVID-19 website, Using web scraping, Avi has compiled data from around the world to give website visitors a comprehensive understanding of international and domestic COVID-19 cases.
56: Analytics vs. COVID-19 Alan Jacobson, David Quammen Collaboration, COVID-19 Alteryx CDAO, Alan Jacobson, had a chat withauthor and scientific journalist David Quammen about COVID-19 to discuss the origins of the virus, where we stand historically against other pandemics, and how we can use data to work together towards eradication.
55: Advanced analytics, mental health, and inclusivity with Bingqian Gao Maddie Johannsen, Bingqian Gao Alteryx Certification Program, predictive analytics, mental health, Women of Analytics, leadership This episode features Bingqian Gao, the first woman to pass the Alteryx Designer Expert Certification exam. In her chat with host, Maddie Johannsen at the Alteryx London office, Bingqian talks about why she’s passionate about advanced analytics, and how macros help combat her “laziness.” She also shares personal stories about her experience as a woman in the analytics industry, and how important it is as a people leader to stay in tune with the mental health of her team.
54: Approaching change with a value-seeking mindset Maddie Johannsen, Manuel Coello Analytics, RPA, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, value creation, change mangement, career growth Alter Everything Podcast host, Maddie Johannsen sat down with Manuel Coello, Senior Director of Data Analytics at CVS Health, for a conversation about analytics, transformation and positive team dynamics. Manuel includes tips on what skills to focus on when you're trying to demonstrate value to your organization, unique ways to engage your team, and how to get sponsorship for your analytics initiatives.
53: Always improving: the life cycle of an idea Criston Schellenger, Jesse Clark, Jarrod Pozarnsky Ideas, innovation, product management In this episode, Alteryx legend Criston Schellenger guest hosts Software Engineering Manager Jarrod Pozarnsky and Alteryx ACE, Jesse Clark. They have a chat about ideas: where ideas come from, and how they come into fruition. As their "case study" when thinking about the anatomy of an idea, the group looks at the Alteryx Community ideas forum, and how those ideas make it - or don't make it - into development on the Alteryx platform.
52: Alteryx-ing the decade Tara McCoy, Libby Duane Adams, Amy Holland Alteryx history, career growth For this episode of Alter Everything, we talked to some Alteryx originals - people who built Alteryx before it was even Alteryx. What was their proudest moment of the past decade? Predictions for the future? Creative Director Tara McCoy found out in her conversations with founder Libby Duane Adams and the first employee of Alteryx, Amy Holland.
51: Coaching "The Why" with Stan Van Gundy Alan Jacobson, Stan Van Gundy Driving transformational change, digital workforce, managing teams, managing up, adaptability, coaching "the why" For our first episode of 2020, we have a special guest host: our very own Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Alan Jacobson. Alan sat down with Stan Van Gundy, celebrated NBA coach, for a chat about the parallels between driving transformation as a basketball coach and driving transformation in business. Stan provides so many great morsels, from what is means to coach “the why" to how important it is for players and business associates to be adaptable.
50: Math + Music Maddie Johannsen, Andy Uttley Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, music For this episode of Alter Everything, music enthusiast turned Alteryx ACE Andy Uttley takes us on a journey through the correlations between math and music.
49: Building analytics communities Cailin Swingle, Shaan Mistry, Dan Hare Analytics culture, digital transformation, Alteryx Partner Program Alteryx Sr. Manager of Strategic Global Support, Cailin Swingle, is our guest host for this episode filled with fun and friendly banter with Alteryx enthusiasts from across the pond. She’s joined by Dan Hare, founder of Continuum Consulting in Jersey, and Shaan Mistry, Alteryx Product Manager of Technology Evangelism & Enablement. From thinking back on their Grand Prix adventure at Inspire 2018 in London, to having a chat about driving analytics transformation at organizations, these three are a hoot.
48: Diaries from Inspire London, 2019 Maddie Johannsen, Tina Diagne, Rafal Olbert Inspire, RegEx, ACE program, In this “Flashback” episode of Alter Everything, we take a look back at our Inspire London conference through the eyes of two attendees, Tina Diagne from Paris, France, and Rafal Olbert from Leeds, England. This was Tina’s first time attending Inspire, and she documented her mission of summiting the RegEx mountain and shares her tips that she picked up along the way. Raf highlighted his key memories, from being on-stage during the keynote, to meeting some of his data heroes. 
47: Dr. Michio Kaku on the future of data science and analytics jobs Melissa Burroughs, Dr. Michio Kaku Analytics jobs, futurism, artificial intelligence In this special episode of Alter Everything, Melissa Burroughs, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Alteryx, hosts Dr. Michio Kaku, one of the most globally recognized figures in science today. Melissa sat down with Dr. Kaku while at our Inspire conference in London, for a chat about the future of data and analytics, and what lies ahead for data scientists.
46: Grand Prix Champion, LordNeilLord Maddie Johannsen, Neil Lord Grand Prix, Inspire, career path Alter Everything Producer, Maddie Johannsen sat down for a chat at the Alteryx London office with the newly crowned Grand Prix champion, Neil Lord!

If you don’t know about the Grand Prix, it’s the legendary analytics competition at Inspire, where participants race to solve challenges in Alteryx. Neil talks about his experience preparing for, competing in, and ultimately winning the title of Grand Prix Champion.
45: Interpretability and fairness through the lens of causal inference Maddie Johannsen, Sydney Firmin, Amit Sharma, Victor Vietch Interpretability and fairness through the lens of causal inference In this episode of Alter Everything, Alteryx Sr. Community Content Engineer, Sydney Firmin, will be guiding Podcast Producer, Maddie Johannsen through the concepts of Interpretability and Fairness through the lens of Causal Inference. You’ll also hear familiar voices of causality expertise, Dr. Victor Veitch, and Dr. Amit Sharma. This episode builds on concepts discussed in Episode 44: Causality.
44: Causality Maddie Johannsen, Sydney Firmin, Amit Sharma, Victor Vietch Causal inference Today we will be “dipping a toe” into the pool of causal inference. Alteryx Sr. Community Content Engineer, Sydney Firmin, will be guiding Alter Everything Podcast Producer, Maddie Johannsen, through the conversations that Sydney had with two experts in causality, Amit Sharma and Victor Veitch.
43: Data science through the eyes of statisticians Maddie Johannsen, Sydney Firmin, Iain Carmichael, Victor Vietch, Baba Brinkman Statistics, data science In a slightly different format from our regular podcast episodes we’re featuring the insights of two statisticians, Victor Veitch and Iain Carmichael as we explore the statistical origins of data science and the divisions and approaches to modeling.

Alteryx Sr. Community Content Engineer, Sydney Firmin takes our Alter Everything Podcast producer, Maddie Johannsen through this journey.

Special thanks to Baba Brinkman for our special theme music, and rap track for this episode. You can access Baba’s full rap track for free on SoundCloud.

42: Life after higher education Alex Koszycki , Ozzie Dembowski, Matt DeSimone, Mike Fratoni Career growth, learning paths For this episode of Alter Everything, guest host Alex Koszycki is joined by Alteryx Community stars, Mike Fratoni, Matt Desimone, and Ozzie Dembowski. All Drexel University alumni, they share a chat about their experiences navigating the higher education world, and life afterwards as they carved out their career paths in analytics.

41: Analytics in Healthcare with Lynsie Daley Maddie Johannsen, Lynsie Daley Healthcare analytics, Women of Analytics, Career growth, public speaking For this episode of Alter Everything, host Maddie Johannsen is joined by Lynsie Daley, Senior Data Analyst at Intermountain Healthcare.

Not only is she the one responsible for kick starting the Healthcare Industry Alteryx User Group, but she was also featured on a SXSW panel this year alongside Alteryx CEO, Dean Stoecker, focused on using analytics to combat the opioid crisis.

Lynsie details her journey of establishing a Women of Analytics chapter within her organization, and shares why everyone should challenge themselves and become public speakers.

40: Snacks, not meals Alan Jacobson, Terry Hickey Digital transformation, change management, data literacy, efficiency Alteryx’s own Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Alan Jacobson, is our guest host, and is joined by Terry Hickey, Chief Analytics Officer at CIBC in Canada. Alan and Terry chat about their experience driving analytics culture at large organizations. Listen through to the end to hear about how Terry likes to reset in his busy schedule, and where he would like to take his dream vacation.
39: De la gente Maddie Johannsen, Mindi Grantham Climate change, public service, upskilling others This week, we're joined by world traveler and marketing strategist, Mindy Grantham, as she reflects on her time spent in Guatemala and comments on how climate change is affecting coffee farmers.

38: You don't need to split an atom Maddie Johannsen, Alan Walter, Chris Williams, Lanier Mason Career growth, evolution of analytics This episode is part 3 of our special Live from Inspire Nashville series. Alteryx users Alan Walter, Chris Williams, and Lanier Mason join us for their takes on analytics culture.

37: Unlocking the data story Maddie Johannsen, Nathan Patrick Taylor, Korri Jones Analytics transformation, change management, career growth This episode is the second installment of our special Live from Inspire Nashville series. We're joined by Nathan Patrick Taylor and Korri Jones, who each share their origin stories and their thoughts on the power of positivity.

36: Lyrically brilliant Maddie Johannsen, Julia Cole Women of analytics, inclusivity, music We’re kicking off a series of episodes that were recorded in Nashville Tennessee at the annual Alteryx Inspire conference. For our first episode in the series, we’re joined by Julia Cole, Nashville Recording Artist at CAA Creative Artists Agency for a chat about the inner workings of being a country music artist in Nashville and her Women’s Sports Social movement.

35: Life as I notice it around me Sydney Firmin, Nadieh Bremer Data visualization, coding languages, career growth Nadieh Bremer dials in from The Netherlands for a chat about her path to becoming a well known data visualization artist, and where she gets her inspiration.

34: Efficiency vs. athleticism in basketball with Stan Van Gundy Neil Ryan, Stan Van Gundy Sports analytics We're joined by Stan Van Gundy, former head coach and president of basketball operations for the Detroit Pistons and analyst for the NBA for a chat about the past, present, and future of basketball analytics.
33: Don't overthink it Neil Ryan, Ryan Carson Enablement in tech
Future of jobs
We're joined by Ryan Carson, Founder and CEO of Treehouse, for a chat about the importance of enablement in tech, and automation and the future of jobs, and Ryan's memories from SXSW over the years.
32: Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx? Brian Oblinger, Rafal Olbert Big data, agile manifesto We're joined by Raf Olbert, Data Scientist at Asda, for a chat about the rise in the volume of data, the agile manifesto, and our shared passion: Aviation.
31: Everything is a system Brian Oblinger, Tobias Macey (DevOps Engineering Manager at MIT) and Neil Ryan (Alteryx) Data engineering, coding languages We're joined by Tobias Macey, host of the Data Engineering podcast, and Podcast.__init__, along with Neil Ryan for a chat about foundations and ethics of data engineering.
30: No (wo)man is an island Christine Bonthius, Linora D'Souza Data literacy, career growth We're joined by Linora D'Souza, Senior Director at Hilton, for a chat about risk-taking and the future of careers in analytics for the iPhone generation.
29: Keep Learning. Keep being curious. Brian Oblinger, AJ Guisande, Michael Barone Data ethics and privacy, data literacy We're joined by AJ Guisande and Michael Barone for a chat about data ethics and privacy, upcoming trends, and tips for sharing knowledge.
28: Mess it up, fix it, rinse & repeat Brian Oblinger, Michael Tredwell, Jarrod Thuener Career growth, ACE program, R, coding languages We're joined by Jarrod Thuener and Mike Treadwell for a chat about thinking outside of the box with analytic workflows and what the ACE program means to them.
27: Into the wind tunnel Brian Oblinger, John Poppin Career growth, predictive analytics We're joined by John Poppin for a chat about how growing up in the digital revolution influenced his career.
26: Joe Mako me crazy Tuvy Le, Alex Koszycki, Joe Mako Career growth Host Tuvy Le sits down with Joe Mako and Alex Koszycki for a chat about vulnerability, imposter syndrome, and a growth mindset.
25: Pythagorean expectations Brian Oblinger, Nick Jewell Data availability, missing data, RPA We're joined by Dr. Nick Jewell for a chat about motivation, going with the flow, and how data is revolutionizing hockey.

24: Be unapologetic in your truth Leah Knowles, Christine Bonthius, Michelle Kosmicki Career growth
Women of Analytics

We're joined by Leah Knowles, Michelle Kosmicki, and Christine Bonthius for a chat about their experience working in the private vs. public sectors, Women of Analytics, and tips for breaking the mold.

23: Access, ease of use, and awareness Adam Blacke Analytics transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning We're joined by Adam Blacke for a chat about the evolution of data culture, A.I. and M.L., and thought leadership.
22: I had no idea I was such a data nerd Brian Oblinger, Deborah Diesel Career growth, spatial analytics We're joined by Deborah Diesel for a chat about her journey through analytics, data dilemmas, and mentor/mentee relationships.

21: I only scrape once a week Brian Oblinger, Daniel Brun Web scraping, career growth, ACE program, Alteryx Certification We're joined by Daniel Brun for a chat about his cat, Harry Potter, and the Designer Expert Certification exam at Inspire Europe.

20: It's like playing 'Eruption' by Van Halen Brian Oblinger, Andrew Derbak Career growth, space management analytics We're joined by Andrew Derbak for a chat about how his musical background led to a career in analytics.

19: The answer is typically "yes" Brian Oblinger, Tasha Alfano Career growth, software engineering, women of analytics We're joined by Tasha Alfano for a chat about software engineering, developer tools, and we'll find out what's in that gigantic binder she carries around the office...hmm

18: The after after after party Brian Oblinger, Jordan Barker, Samantha Hughes, Jesse Clark, Caleb Catalano, Sydney Firmin, Tessa Enns, Katrin Erb Inspire Europe 2018
Attendees at Inspire EU 2018 join us to chat about how Alteryx has Inspired them to Alter Everything.

17: Free the data and your mind will follow Brian Oblinger, Ben Sullins Career growth, data science We're joined by Ben Sullins for a chat about data science, the world of Teslanomics, and why soft skills are the future of your career.
16: Fail fast and fail often Tuvy Le, Chris Love, James Dunkerly, Joe Lipski ACE program, career growth, analytics culture, technology We're joined by Chris Love, James Dunkerley, and Joe Lipski for a chat about ACEhood, Inspire London, and where they get their inspiration.

15: Hungry to learn Brian Oblinger, Katie Haralson Product Management and Visualytics
We're joined by Katie Haralson for a chat about her journey to Product Management and the new Visualytics tools in Alteryx Designer.

14: I didn't count failure as a possibility Brian Oblinger, Patrick Digan, Matt Hochstein Alteryx Server, Trial and Error, Music We're joined by Patrick “Digan” Digan and Matt “Raise Your Beer Mug” Hochstein for a discussion about jumping head-first into new experiences, Alteryx Server best practices, and the best concerts we've ever been to.
13: Innovation comes from frustration Brian Oblinger, Pete Goldey Innovation, data literacy, data availability Pete joins us for a conversation about helping businesses and applications teams understand available data sources, and translating that for marketing and other teams across an org. How to build applications that are considered ahead of their time.
12: Simple is hard Brian Oblinger, Steve Ahlgren, Neil Ryan Software engineering We're joined by Steve Ahlgren and Neil Ryan for a deep dive on software engineering in the analytics industry.
11: When advocating becomes contagious Brian Oblinger, Lauren Uyeno, Maddie Johannsen, Tuvy Le Alteryx User Groups, career growth The Alteryx Customer Experience Team has a chat about building a team that enables a global customer base
10: Recruit for attitude, train for skill Brian Oblinger, Adrian Loong Change management, career growth, analytics transformation Adrian Loong joins us for a chat about tackling business challenges, and why you should embrace change management.
9: A photo finish Brian Oblinger, Nicole Johnson Inspire 2018: Anaheim, California
Nicole Johnson joins us live from Day 4 of Inspire 2018 in Anaheim, California to discuss her big Alteryx Grand Prix win.
8: We like to dance it up Brian Oblinger, Jason Mack, Stephanie Cardwell, Joe Mako, Jason Starling, Joe Lipski Inspire 2018: Anaheim, California A cavalcade of stars join us live from Day 3 of Inspire 2018 in Anaheim, California.
7: A verbal version of visualytics Brian Oblinger, Baba Brinkman, Kayla Kurtz, Anthony Wright, John Swift, Ben Edelman, Steve Ahlgren, Bill Abt,Neil Ryan, Garth Miles Inspire 2018: Anaheim, California A cavalcade of stars join us live from Day 2 of Inspire 2018 in Anaheim, California. Brought to you by the Formula tool.
6: I just walked into the advanced course and crushed it Brian Oblinger, Andrew Kim, Nicole Johnson, Joe Miller, Tessa Enns, Mark Frisch Inspire 2018: Anaheim, California A cavalcade of stars join us live from Day 1 of Inspire 2018 in Anaheim, California.
5: On the Road to Inspire Brian Oblinger, Deborah Disel, Leah Knowles, Dan Menke Career growth Leah Knowles, Dan Menke, and an exhilarated Deborah Diesel join us on Catalina for Deborah's "On the Road to Inspire" ziplining experience.
4: Defensive Configuration Brian Oblinger, Mark Frisch, Tony Moses Analytics transformation panelists discuss the role of the consultant in todays analytics-hungry society and why their contributions matter
3: Something that fundamentally changes you Brian Oblinger, CJ Campbell, Deanna Sanchez Alteryx for Good Deanna Sanchez and CJ Campbell join us to discuss National Volunteer Week, Alteryx for Good, and making an impact in your community through analytics.

2: All data is guilty until proven innocent Brian Oblinger, Ken Black, Garth Miles Big data, content creation, career growth, data science Ken Black and Garth Miles join us to discuss “big data”, the process of creating great content, and the Data Scientist role.

1: There’s a lot of coastline in Brian Oblinger, Heather Harris, Tara McCoy Analytics transformation, Women of Analytics Heather Harris and Tara McCoy join us to discuss building a culture of analytics in an organization and the impact that women can have on the industry.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

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