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MB Rules and Survival Analysis getting stuck

Hello guys,


I'm fairly new to Alteryx but eager to learn more about it. 

I've been using the MB rules and Survival Analysis nodes and both of them seem to get stuck at certain percentages.

MB Rules gets stuck at 11% using sales data containing roughly 4 million rows.

Survival Analysis gets stuck after wanting to split the data into groups. Without splitting I get a nice Kaplan-Meier curve, but if I want to split the data into 5 different groups, the workflow gets stuck at 36%.


I have to say that my laptop has only 4GB of RAM and Alteryx is using less than 1 GB. I wonder if this is a memory issue or something else.


Thanks in advance for your help,


With kind regards,

Önder Kandemir

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Kandemiro

If performance is an issue for you, certainly start searching for a RAM update.


Regarding the MB Rules, what exactly are you pursuing? If you want to know the typical case of associations/co-ocurrences, maybe the MB Affinity Tool can give you a faster way to get Co-ocurrence, similarity or distance.




A new laptop has been ordered. Thanks for the reply.