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Error: Model Comparison (41): Tool #3: Error in names(scores) <- paste(score.field, "_", y


Having worked on this for several hours, but still not able to figure out what's wrong...So basically I want to use the model comparison tool to compare models for a classification task, but got this error in the model comparison tool: 


Error: Model Comparison (41): Tool #3: Error in names(scores) <- paste(score.field, "_", y.levels, sep = "") :


I have: imputed null values, confirmed variable names are valid and changed versions of logistic and decision tree tools to 1.0...still no luck, really got stumped here. Any help would be appreciated!


Please find attached the workflow and input file. Thanks.








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Hi @georgeliu1998, I'm seeing dashes in your field names, and special characters in the fields themselves.  Once I changed the dashes to underscores, and removed the special characters (e.g. < £ - ) the workflow ran successfully.

Thank you for your prompt reply @CristonS 


Apologies, I had detached the Boosted Model, since it was a regression and the other models were classification.

Thank you again Criston! 


This is really weird. I removed and added back the boosted model tool, now even without changing field names and remove symbols in field values, i can still run the workflow successfully. Would you be able to take a look at my workflow and let me know what might be happening? Appreciate it!


Hi @georgeliu1998, all I did was change the punctuation in the field names to underscores, and removed odd characters from the fields themselves.  Your workflow runs correctly for me, as is.