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Create thiessen / voronoi polygons


In Alteryx I was hoping generate SMOOTH Thiessen / Voronoi polygons from a set of points. The bounding rectangle from the points would be the extent. Is there a simple way to create these specific polys in Alteryx w/o having to use grid tool, etc or hours of processing?

ESRI ArcGIS has a tool for this, even an arcpy script. In QGIS it seems possible as well.



image courtesy ESRI




















Hi @simon


Have you looked at the Trade Area Spatial Tool?

"There is an option to eliminate overlapping regions when all points have the same radius. Eliminating overlapping regions ensures no trade area will occupy the same area. The resulting regions are also known as Voronoi polygons."


There is also an explanation of how to do it here:



A quick example based on Colorado counties (workflow attached).


Voronoi polygons.png


Hey Philip, this is awesome, actually quite simple. I never noticed that checkbox! lol.

I downloaded your package but couldn't open it. I do have the latest version installed (I checked) so not sure why I get this message:  "This document was created by a more recent version of this application and cannot be read." I was able to reproduce using your screenshot so thanks for that as well! As BoundingRect I am using entire US so that takes a bit longer to run.





I'm glad it worked for you, Simon. I'm not sure why the message about a more recent version popped up if you are using the latest.