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ADAPT Discussions

Discuss and build your skills with others who have been impacted by COVID-19.

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5 - Atom

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to participate in ADAPT as part of my personal "Build Back Better" effort.


I'm a behavioral scientist by training. My goal is to update and expand my skills so I can contribute more in the social impact space and transition from filed/program roles to something with more flexible - geographically and otherwise.


Good luck to everyone who is enrolled and investing time in their growth and knowledge. Thanks again to alteryx for providing ADAPT.

9 - Comet

Thank you for the suggestions! 

5 - Atom

Hi, everyone! I'm an unemployed sales professional with a second degree in Statistics and nowhere to go! Grateful that Alteryx made this available to us. I have 72 days left to pass my ADAPT certification and I just finished Week 1, Day1. Fingers crossed!

6 - Meteoroid

First of all, I want to thank Alteryx for sponsoring the ADAPT program. I think is a wonderful idea to help those of us whose employment has been affected by COVID. My goals are to learn as much as possible in order to pivot my career towards data science. I previously had an introductory / continuing education course in data science about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't pursue taking additional courses at the time. Now I find myself faced with unemployment for the first time in my adult working life. This is the boost I need to enhance my existing skills and give back to my to others. I hope to use the new found skills and leverage them to help some local non-profits in a goodwill gesture of paying it forward as result of the ADAPT program. By the way, I think this will compliment new Tableau and future Power BI skills in the near future.



5 - Atom

Hi Will,


Thank you for the email. I am here to jump into a new career path and make an impact in the industry. With my over 20 years of Sales and Business ownership experience I am truly excited to add a new dimension to my skill set and open doors to making more money and consistently challenging myself. 

7 - Meteor

In my former job, I was using (and loving) Alteryx for traditional business intelligence applications as well as a lot of ad-hoc analysis - all within a business. But I’ve always been interested in different use cases for Alteryx.  I view this pause in my career as an opportunity to re-certify for Alteryx Designer Core, to gain skills in new areas of Alteryx, like predictive analytics, and to improve other related skills like Python and SQL. In this period, I’m also learning about different applications of data analytics, like data journalism, non-profit organizations, or even in art. I’ve seen some inspiring applications over the last few months. At the end of the program, I expect to have an enhanced skill set and to be ready to make a pivot in my career. Finally, I’ve always been interested in the AFG program and have been looking for a way to participate. I hope the ADAPT program will be a launching point for a project.

7 - Meteor

I am well versed in data tool Power Query from Microsoft and Power Query. After my first week of adapt I love the interface and think its an unreal tool.  My goal is to 1) Gain as much understanding as my 6 months allows to use of this tool and hopefully become multi-certified in regards to this great tool. Alteryx thank you for the opportunity!


5 - Atom

Hi Adapt Community, I am very happy to be part of the Adapt program and thank you very much to Alteryx for leading this!


My Adapt goal is to become proficient in data blending, parsing and reporting to be able to create clean populations for sampling for some of the basic predictive algorithms (linear, logistic regressions and decision trees).


I am interested in having links sent that would provide existing available training and communications (webinars, existing training videos) to help me with that.


Thanks and all stay well!

5 - Atom

My goal is to gain certification , I've used Alteryx for work before in creating extractions for our SAP HANA. Helped the process get faster. Was employed in food service industry and energy industries. Hopeful something good is on the horizon. Stay safe everyone !

7 - Meteor

Hello everyone!

My previous experience is in healthcare as a SME in Health Information. I am super excited about all things data and am very grateful for the learning opportunities offered by alteryx. I hope what I learn here, along with some basic knowledge and continued learning of Tableau, will help launch me in to a new and exciting career in analytics.


Thank you alteryx team for offering so many great resources!