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Discuss and build your skills with others who have been impacted by COVID-19.

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5 - Atom

I hope this program will let me make a difference in the sports field. Despite getting a bachelor's and master's degrees, I have found full-time work to be impossible. 


With Analytics becoming a bigger part of getting a job, this certification could be pivotal in improving my future job career.  By completing and putting this certification, job-seekers will know what I an capable of doing. I am also very interested in knowing what the analytical data is showing for autism rate. 

6 - Meteoroid



THANK YOU for this opportunity!


I've had a non-traditional financial/economic/business analysis career in data-heavy industries and done many of the data wrangling and analysis tasks (cleaning, validating, analyzing, forecasting and predicting) the old, labor-intensive ways. The amount of time and effort to get to the fun stuff (analysis, forecasting and predicting) sucked.


I'm in this to re-launch myself and turn hard-won business experience into a turbo-charged advantage for the future.


Best wishes to all here in the community seizing this moment to learn and grow!




6 - Meteoroid

I have always been interested in data Science and how far knowledge can be stretched when it comes to the manipulation of data. I was so happy when i chanced upon this opportunity to learn and not just wish. 


I plan to use the tools presented in the ADAPT program to learn as much as I can to make me a better data Analyst. I know that with the help of all the wonderful people and  resources available, i can reach the goal. I also know that after the program, the skills and knowledge gained here will make me more marketable and ready to re enter the job market.

7 - Meteor

Hello, I am currently an undergrad student and i want to explore ADAPT to learn about data science with no prior knowledge in it, and hope to find a career in it after completing the course or the clear way ahead to move towards this field.I am completely new to this.

8 - Asteroid

Hello fellow ADAPT participants!


I'm hoping to make the most of my current downtime and this lull period and these tough times that we're all facing.

To turn my nose in to the storm, buckle down and ride the gravity of the situation.

And to slingshot out of this with the Alteryx Advanced certification (I'm already Core certified) and the Udacity Nanodegree to show to prospective employers that I mean business when it comes to Alteryx.

Cos I want to share the thrill of solving with the throngs of non-Alteryx business, finance and strategy people out there who haven't discovered it yet!

7 - Meteor

I've circled around analytics for a long time but have never had a good credential to actually get a big data job.  I'm hoping this will help me bridge all my informal skills into a new data centric position.

7 - Meteor

Hello @izamryan ! as you are already core certified,what would you suggest to someone new.For this course,should one learn programming languages for it first,or should just start with this course without acquiring programming language skill.


All the best!!!


@mlayten @izamryan @Paul123 @leslienana 


Welcome aboard! We are all so excited to have you participating in ADAPT and can't wait to see where this journey takes you.


Are there any data projects you are excited to work on? Is there anything our Community might be able to help you with?


Just let us know!


7 - Meteor

I appreciate Alteryx giving me the opportunity to further my skills during this time.  My goal is to master every lesson I can and as a byproduct of this to gain certification in the core and if time permits Alteryx advanced.  Again thank you Alteryx for the opportunity to gain skills in a sought after tool. Again thank you!


7 - Meteor

Also as crazy as it sounds I am pretty pumped Alteryx gave me this opportunity.  In this world its pretty rare someone gives you an extended period to use something free.  I have a goal to be one take squeeze every bit of this opportunity to be one of the best. Once I am done with core or right now if anyone can give me a blueprint on how to get where I want to go I would greatly appreciate it.