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Discuss and build your skills with others who have been impacted by COVID-19.

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6 - Meteoroid

I have a background in Product and Program Mangement, in both the tech and manufacturing industry. Ive always been drawn to data, data analysis, and making data based decision making, so I am vectoring my career towards that now. The ability to tell the story of the data is very interesting to me and I like how Alteryx allows you to do that and show the flow of the process.

5 - Atom

I strive for a successful career in any field, and I believe in the importance of continuous learning, just as I believe in other basic professional concepts, such as teamwork, effective time management and professional honesty.
Learning is no longer limited to the years we spend in school or university, whatever our age or scientific and professional level, we must not stop enriching our knowledge and developing our current skills until you are able to do our work tasks to the fullest, while being keen to acquire new skills that may open up for us. Unexpected prospects.

many thanks to the Alteryx For Good team and the Alteryx platform

5 - Atom

 I have a master degree in chemestry . So My main goal to participate in the ADAPT programme is to gain new skills related to Data Analytic field. Since  i have a aim about analytics from a long time ago and so now i decide to go all the the way along to learn the Advanced Analytical approach and tools to sharpen my skill.

5 - Atom
5 - Atom

Hey everyone, 


I'm James and I'm excited to join the Alteryx ADAPT program. My goal is simple- to add to my skillset in order to be build or innovate something valuable to individuals and business. As much as I'm curious to learn machine learning, I'm eager as well to learn and dive deeper into Alteryx. I hope as well, I will be able to meet like-minded people here to explore and creatively innovate and  solve a real-world problem!




5 - Atom

Thank you for your warm welcome, WillM!


I am here to expand, align and fine tune my statistical knowledge with the best technological tools.


Best regards!

5 - Atom

Hello, I am Omar from Egypt Tax Accountant and data analyst i am trying to make Alteryx impact my work and make it easier and faster