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HI Everyone,


First of all a big thanks to Alteryx for inviting me for Alteryx Designer Core Certification. 


As part of curriculum, i have installed Alteryx designer software and activated the license and went through ADAPT welcome course content. After that i am not getting how to proceed with. I am bit confuse with learning path. 


I am attaching snapshot of learning path for reference, please let me know if learning path snapshot is correct. 

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Hi @Vikash_kumar,


go to the ADAPT: Fundamentals page. This is technically the start of your program. It's organized into weekly modules. From there, you can start progressing into the program. 

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Hi @aatef,


Thanks for your guideline. 

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Great to connect!


At this point I am more of an open book to see what Alteryx can do. In past positions, I would have primarily applied it to Excel sheets or company databases.


I can definitely see the advantages for working with a 50,000 membership database to help with marketing the events and training products as well as sales forecasting, supply replenishment, and risk management in an organization with 500+ store locations.


I am curious as to what other problems Alteryx has been used to solve... and how large scale. The applications in the Excellence Awards are mind shaping.


Thank you for the encouragement!





Hi again, @Zanna!


It sounds like you've been able to take a look at some of our Use Cases, but just in case you haven't - there are so many examples here of how different business segments in organizations across industry sectors (around the world!) have been able to use Alteryx to solve problems. 


Have you been able to connect with anyone else in the Community who might be able to answer some of your questions?



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Hi Will,

I've been in Tokyo for almost 3 decades now and have spent a good 2/3 of the time as a 3rd party recruiter working with firms like Alteryx.

I hope to use the skills learned through this training to assist pivoting to a new career path. 


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I'm thankful to Alteryx for the opportunity to participate in the ADAPT program. For me, this is an exciting chance to explore data and data science in a structured way. I didn't know a lot about data a few years ago, but find I have a bit of an affinity for analysis and enjoy exploring what I can do with data. In my career, I've found opportunities to analyze and interpret data, but have mostly been self-taught.


ADAPT offers a unique opportunity to have a learning experience with an involved community, while accessing and utilizing a well-known industry tool. I hope to develop a deeper understanding of what is possible with data and find ways to apply this knowledge within my field, or (if possible) to push myself towards a career trajectory that is more data-focused. Short-term, I would love to improve my ability to organize data so I can make better interpretations of it, dashboards, charts, and visualizations.

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My participation in ADAPT is to build relevent skills in data science at it applies to real world and transform those skills into an employable one. Especially being a fresh graduate trying to find my place  among the work force of the world.

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Greetings Everyone,


   My name's Eric. I just started with the ADAPT program 2 days ago. 


First of all, I'd like to give my all out gratitude to the entire ALTERYX Management for giving people like me; this wonderful opportunity. I have been studying and practicing almost the whole day, and my goals is to get all the 3 certifications before the year ends. Of course, I also want to finish the Nano Degree with Udacity.


My goals after the entire program is divided into 2:


1. CAREER. I surely hope to get back on track and get a well paid career in the fields of BI/ Analytics and maybe even big data someday. 


2. BENEVOLENCE for NON PROFITS: I've been an avid remote volunteer since 2016. Hopefully, some of my newly gained skills in this program could help me fight COVID-19. I know for a fact that we're all in for the long-haul here.



Thanks once again & surely looking forward to get to know more like minded people here.

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Hi There,


A decent volume of my work optimising Working Capital as a business consultant is crunching data - something that I love but it can sometimes take me weeks to achieve customer-friendly results (client data is NEVER clean, or clean-cut!!).


I am hoping that Alteryx can help me to streamline this, and also help to organise my thinking - it seems very logical. Very often the solution to the problem comes to you when you are sorting, parsing, analysing or just staring at the data!!! 


Good to keep the brain going whilst furloughed, but also hoping it may lead to other opportunities..... so far I'm loving the tool, it's great!