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7 - Meteor

Thanks a lot @amais_SparkED ! Thank you for sharing this and have joined the group. Will ensure to share the journey and help out as much as I can to the community.


Was just going through the Welcome Article and videos and found out about the Alteryx for good initiative. It looks very interesting and hoping to become a part of that as well


Looking forward to the journey ahead!

7 - Meteor

Hello Will,


First of all, thank you very much for this opportunity.


The main objective of entering in the ADAPT is to add a new skill and eventually start a new career path. Furthermore I would like to increase my network to discuss about open positions in the market.



5 - Atom

I'm hoping that by jumping into the ADAPT program I will be introduced to all sorts of Data Analysis programming. I'm just a beginner so I'm not exactly sure of everything yet. This is definitely the start to a new career path, and I can't wait for all the challenges and knowledge I get to obtain.

7 - Meteor

My background is data analytics for civil engineering applications. I would like to advance my skills further in Data Analytics. I use Python, SQL, and Tableau extensively. I saw some demos and seminars for Alteryx and I like what Alteryx is offering. It makes the process of data wrangling and transformation more scalable and transparent. I want to thank Alteryx for this opportunity. I'm very excited about this and it will fill the time gab I have for now. It a new learning journey and I'm grateful for this. 


@aatef @meprice @joshuary80 @jvarelajr @ishizuka @maddie_payne 


Welcome aboard! We are all so excited to have you participating in ADAPT and can't wait to see where this journey takes you.


Are there any data projects you are excited to work on? Is there anything our Community might be able to help you with?

Just let us know!

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7 - Meteor

Thank you, @amais_AFG.


I am still trying to digest all the information I am getting here. For now I will focus on the ADAPT courses and get the certificate.

But I was thinking to work in  a project related to finance / trading. I will navigate more into the community to check if someone is already working on it.


9 - Comet


In a nutshell, I've decided that I want to go into data science because of COVID-19. 


My background is in network/systems administration, but while in school for that I really enjoyed the programming classes. Now I am currently learning skills to become a developer, but I was not sure of my specialty. For fun I spend hours looking over data trying to make sense of it, so of course I started having the strong desire to make sense of the COVID-19 stats. That's when I had the AHA! moment. Now here I am! 


I want to be a software developer and data scientist. 


Hi @LeeiaI 


Thank you for sharing! If you haven't already, I suggest listening to our podcast, Analytics vs. COVID-19, which discusses the origins of the virus, where we stand historically against other pandemics, and how we can use data to work together towards eradication. 


We are so excited to have you on this journey with us. Let us know how we can help! 


Lori Misenhimer

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6 - Meteoroid

I am so excited to join this ADAPT initiative from Alteryx community. I am totally into dashboard management and play with lot of data for any kind of analysis & prediction if possible. This would certainly provide me an edge to look at data from different perspective with lot of inbuilt tools to play with. Looking forward to meet Alteryx experts and learn data science.

5 - Atom

I'm looking to improve my skills and knowledge in the data analytics area. I hope to build upon the self studay journey I had begun. Thank you for the opportunity.