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I just saw this request so answering a little late but here is my story.  I am currently laid off due to Covid 19.  I have over 25 years experience in the IT field ranging from developer, team lead, analyst, DBA Manager, Project Manager and Program Manager of large application development and infrastructure programs.  I have consulted for many years.  After I obtain an Alteryx Core Certification I plan to pivot into the Data Science sector marrying my past experiences with this new skillset.  I love, love, love the product and I have found the online and summer camp classes very helpful.  At a minimum I plan to help influence my next client to take a look at Alteryx for their data needs.  I have worked with many companies and I know the pains of merging data together to get the most important analytics quickly so that decisions can be made and strategy can be defined.  The Alteryx product makes it so easy to do and enables all stakeholders with the ability to reach the data.  I love it so much that I bought some stock in the company.  I hope to certify over the two weeks.  A BIG THANK YOU to Alteryx all involved in the ADAPT program.  Every person I have encountered is very sharp and I have been very impressed.  Please contact me if the Alteryx company is looking for someone with my skillset as I would love to work at Alteryx or with a client company of Alteryx. 


Thanks so much,


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I work as SAP Security Consultant in a reputed organization. I have developed interest towards data science and since one year, exploring all different ways which can help me attain my ultimate goal of becoming a data scientist. Hope this ADAPT Program would help me become one and would always advise my friends or colleagues to take this one.

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I'm a Business Analyst looking for new job opportunities using business intelligence tools and with the ADAPT program, it's going to be a great start fulfill my objective skilling up my analytical skills and complement my knowledge in logistics and Supply Chain.


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A few weeks ago, I saw someone with an ADAPT certificate on LinkedIn and curiosity led me here.


After doing some research and seeing how established Alteryx is in the data platform/tool space, I was surprised that we haven't used it in my previous teams. I have been a technical product manager for data platforms/products for 5+ years and we've mainly relied on engineers for the data wrangling and pipelines. Going through the ADAPT curriculum, I can imagine how my next data team will be super-charged if we can have a tool like Designer at our disposal.


As someone who loves to learn about data & ML, and have taken over 15+ Coursera and other MOOCs, I immediately added ADAPT to the top of my "1-Hour Per Day" learning goal. My goals are:

1) to thoroughly understand the ML and Predictive tools to prototype future products faster and

2) to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies in this fast moving AI/data science space.


To all my fellow career-transitioning ADAPTers, I leave you this quote from Andrew Ng:


"Every Saturday, you will have a choice between staying at home and reading research papers/implementing algorithms, vs. watching TV. If you spend all Saturday working, there probably won't be any short-term reward...But here's the secret: If you do this not just for one weekend, but instead study consistently for a year, then you will become very good."
- Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu; Chairman/Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford faculty


- Roger


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I want to gain enough experience using Alteryx to be able to obtain a "Designer Advanced" certificate. I am determined to master as many tools as possible in order to achieve the certification.

In my last job, I had the chance to learn about Alteryx and its potential to automate large and complex workflows. I am delighted to have the opportunity to keep learning about it.

I hope this new set of skills open new professional pathways in the near future for me, but even if that doesn't occur, I would have enjoyed myself a good deal.

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Nice analogy of Alteryx as the Rover for exploring new fields, opportunities.



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What are you hoping to ultimately attain by participating in the ADAPT program? Is it to add a new skill to your professional toolkit, to jump start a new career path, or something else entirely?


This is an ideal question to be answering and sharing on a forum.


My first goal is to successfully graduate this course i.e achieve the core certification.


This course and platform brings together so many elements that I am interested in: problem solving in a business context, working with data in multiple ways and ultimately creating valuable insights.


But beyond the relevance of the content I'm keen to graduate as I realise that doing so would require me to grow as a person in terms of studying new ideas, being persistent in the face of uncertainty and building self-confidence in my ability to successfully change.

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Nice quote by Andrew Ng. Yes, a quality 1 hour frequently, consistently punctuated by more intense Saturday bursts over the course of a year would make for some remarkable gains. And it will have been worth it. In many ways designing algorithms, solving problems is as interesting or even more so than the most enrapturing television programs. 

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What are you hoping to ultimately attain by participating in the ADAPT program? Is it to add a new skill to your professional toolkit, to jump start a new career path, or something else entirely?


Greetings Alteryx community,

  I am very excited to be learning about how to solve data science problems using Alteryx Designer.  My initial goal is to attain core certification, but my ultimate goal is to become competent in data analytic thinking with a stretch-goal of reaching competency.  I have read books and studied data science in the past, but have had only limited exposure to solving real problems.  I have also not used a tool other than Excel, but have enjoyed using visualization tools like Grafana.


  I have been a software engineering leader in healthcare IT for the past 10 years, but was laid off due to the financial impacts of COVID-19.  I am grateful that Alteryx has made an investment into the community to help those impacted during these difficult times.  Thank you.


With regards,

  Michael Wright

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Just starting the adapt program! Good luck everyone