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7 - Meteor

Hello @WillM,


Today I concluded the Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree at Udacity. It was an important milestone to help me to transition my career to data science field. My journey is still just starting in data science but I Alteryx helped me a lot to speed up my learning.


I would like to say thank you for Alteryx team for this great experience.



8 - Asteroid

Namaste from India!!

Very excited to start this Journey in Alteryx! recently caught the data science bug and really wanted to expand my skillset. I believe ADAPT program is an excellent pathway for me to have a deep knowledge of Data Science & Analytics. I have 2 years previous experience in Sales & Account Management and really looking forward to apply the skills I gain from the course and Alteryx community in my future career. Looking forward to a deep engagement going ahead! Thanks!

6 - Meteoroid

Hello everyone, 


I am thrilled to start learning with Alteryx. This sounds like a great initiative and I am thankful I came across it. My main goal is to broaden my knowledge in data analytics and break into the field. If you'd like to connect, you could find me at 

5 - Atom

Hello All,

  I brought Alteryx into my organisation to benefit my team and myself in using pretty much every feature it has. Along the way, while doing POC testing I self-learnt the tool along the way while using it on live projects at work and it has proven to be an exceptional tool. I guess now as I have moved on from my previous employer I miss it and wanted to get a structured learning process and get certified at the same time. Honestly for a person who dislikes coding like me. This tool is a blessing and the team behind it are awesome. I have met Libby at a customer meeting and she is a fantastic person.


Happy No Coding.

Paul Raja

6 - Meteoroid

Hey Will, I am a finance professional and had some exposure to alteryx in my last role. I was fascinated by how much it could do. I aim to work in advancing my alteryx knowledge and be able to design and build solutions to simplify, automate and analyze.


btw, I absolutely love the tagline "The thrill of solving!" 🙂




8 - Asteroid

Hi !

I have 9 years of management consulting experience. Working towards building my skillset in things involved with data. I have used basic R and SPSS., but lack the depth of understanding to delve deeper. Its really challenging to get a job right now in covid times. I hope to finish this course and learn lots and be part of the community and learn from it

7 - Meteor

Hi Data Ninjas.


Thanks for Alteryx providing this great platform to connect with all data ninjas across globe.

I have around 12 years of work experience and around 7 years related to reporting and data analysis. I have not learnt data analysis in my schooling or college my work providing me opportunity to develop skills on excel, ms access and sql server for my day to day data preparation work. It's been a week joining this program and I could see tremendous tools with in Alteryx which makes ease of our life. I see my level of career journey would like to travel with Alteryx as a data scientist.


I hope to get connect to all and learn from all. Thank you!.

7 - Meteor

I was so excited to see the ADAPT program pop up.  It may sound nerdy but I've missed being able to use Alteryx since I lost my job.  Solving problems with data is really fun for me.  At the Fortune 50 company where I worked for 10 years, the main battle was always with getting data to a position that we could use it to answer questions.  And so over the last 5 or 6 years I've gotten pretty decent at wrangling data with Alteryx, but I always recognized a knowledge gap that kept me from using that great data to generate more insight.  I'm hoping that this program can help me establish a foundation in data science and give me new tools and ideas so I can bring more value and keep my career in analytics relevant.


I want to thank those at Alteryx (and Udacity) who are supporting this program.  It really means a lot to have something positive happen in what has been a tough year for a lot of people!

I'd like to add a new skill to my professional toolkit, that is to be able to use Alteryx, to jump start a new career path or a new business useful to provide business services to other companies.

5 - Atom

Hello everyone,


Firstly, I would like to thank you to Alteryx for accepting me in ADAPT program and given all benefits.

I had experience in IT Infrastructure and would like to explore in data science and machine learning either to broaden my knowledge or maybe I can switch to data science.