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First goal completed - Core Certification exam passed!

7 - Meteor

Hello @vijaykarthiklife,


Thank you for the message. I think the renewal for Alteryx license was made automatically. I don't remember requesting extension. On the other hand, I did not receive notification to allow me to make the nanodegree course. So, I had to send a request to academy@alteryx.com.  After one day I was enrolled to the course. I hope you will enjoy the course. Plan to finish it in one month. Because, after one month trial period, you will need to pay to conclude the course. Unfortunatelly I was not able to finish it and could not get the nanodegree certificate. Now I am waiting if I will be awarded with scholarship. Best regards.

6 - Meteoroid

thabk you so much for the pointers. Really helpful 🙂 and good luck with your certification . Hope you get the scholarship 😊